Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Six and Seven

Day Six
Today went well. The pastor and his wife were able to be in the seminar all day today so that was nice. Wayne taught today on parenting and did a great job. We covered things parents need to know about kids, the things parents need to know about parents and then the fathers mandate, short version, and ended with the progression of teenage rebellion. There were lots of questions today and that is always good because it shows they are listening. In the end they presented us with a lovely plate as a thankyou and gave us an invitation to come again. Many of the people approached us and told us how much they had gotten out of the teachings and told us that it has produced change in their relationships. We praise the Lord and as usual are so amazed that He has chosen to use us in this way. We found the people in the church here friendly and very hungry for truth. They spent the time leaning forward and also asking us to repeat things because they were writing it all down.
Day 7
We have arrived safely in Kiev and will spend some time resting and then enjoy a movie with Richard and Anya. We have had an intersting day of travel. The driver was a wonderful man from the church who drove like he wanted to be a race car driver. The roads here are terrible and filled with car size pot holes so he was not only driving fast, but had to dodge the holes. Anya laughed and said she was going to kiss the ground when she got out of the car. :>))) It was definitely a faith thing today. I was hoping all of you were praying for us last night before bedtime since we were traveling at that time.
Tomorrow we will be leaving for Uzghorod and we would appreciate prayer as we travel and also as we start our week of mini sty. We arrive late tomorrow night and then on Sunday Wayne is preaching in a village a half hour from Uzghorod and then will also preach in the evening at a different church. Monday we start the Pastors retreat. Meanwhile, we have already gotten calls from two different couples asking to meet with us for counseling while we are there. Our schedule is going to be very tight and we would ask that you pray that we can see all those who want to meet with us. God is able.
Have a blessed weekend and know you are loved and missed very much.
Love, Wayne and Sherry


Sarah said...

What amazing things God is doing! I would have NOT liked the driving or pot holes either! Yikes!

Lisa said...

I think we were praying for you that evening before we went to bed. So thankful you made it to your destination safe and sound!

Sounds like a very fruitful time for you. God is good!

Pastor Bill is doing an awesome job in your absence. We are so blessed by him and Edie.

We miss you both very much. Can't wait for you to return!

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