Monday, January 23, 2012

Fresh Starts: Distracted by Worship

Another great devotion written by our daughter. We pray it will encourage you today.

Fresh Starts: Distracted by Worship: Distract: to turn or draw from any object; to divert from any point, towards another point or toward various other objects; as, to distrac...

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Story of Hope

This poem was written by our grandson.

What sorrows do our actions bring

When think us wise to everything?

When think us understanding all

But do not listen to the call:

The call to praise our worthy Lord;

The one who rules, the one who sores.

The great and wise, and gracious King,

The Creator of everything.

A face that turns us all undone,

Yet with a heart for everyone:

A heart that calls us all to come,

Abound in His redeeming love.


His grace is greatly needed since

Sin came forth at our own expense.

It happened when God made the earth;

The place that welcomed in sin’sbirth.

God made a man, and made him free

To do the will he wanted, but

He could not tend the earth alone

So God made him another one:

A woman that could help him care

For the earth which He did bare.


And like the man, God made her free

To do the will she wanted; she

Who listen to an evil snake

That told her it was wise to take

The fruit God told her not to eat,

But smelled so good and tasted sweet.

So she went willing into sin

And gave some to her husband then.

So bitter the fruit did taste

When they discovered their new fate.


For now they new both right and wrong.

But good was weak and evil strong.

And sin spread quickly through the world.

We brought it on our own accord.

Dooming all the human race

And sealing our eternal fate.

But on God’s hardened holy face

There was a strong redeeming grace.

He sent His Son, oh, Jesus Christ

As an eternal sacrifice.

For He was beaten, bruised, and killed

That purity in us be filled.

We hung His body on a cross

And hope now seemed completely lost.

For He was dead and in a tomb

And all was gone, and we were doomed.

But miracles could happen still,

And Satan could not have his will.


After three days of lying dead,

Jesus rose up once again!

Out of the grave, Jesus stepped,

For in His light He conquered death.

And rescued now we are from Hell;

That darkened land where Satan fell.

And you may step into the light

If you will only chose what’s right.

In hearing this I hope you know

That in our sin God loved us so.

In Jesus’ wounds our sins He bore,

That we may live forevermore.

That for the filthy human race

God sent His Son to show his grace!

Nathan Gorton

January, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fresh Starts: Smells Like...Holy Spirit

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