Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Down to the wire

We are down to the wire. Tomorrow at this time we will be in the air on our way to Washington DC and then on to Riga Latvia. Please keep us in prayer for the next two weeks. As it stands now our schedule will be teaching each day from 9 - 6 while in Latvia. Our Romanian trip is the following week and we do not have the schedule yet, but we will be most likely teaching each evening which will be morning here in America.
The bible school in Latvia, we are told, is comprised of mostly young adults in their 20's, we will be doing a biblical counseling class which will hopefully challenge them to see the scriptures as sufficient for all of lifes problems and also teach them how to counsel others.
While in Romania we have been asked to speak to the single adults on how to choose a mate. We will also be speaking to young marrieds about various issues but especially God's purpose for marriage and also how to manage money scripturally. We will also be spending time with the leaders in this church and working with them on strengthening their own marriages.
We are lookng forward to see what God is going to do this time. Please pray day and night or whenever we cross your minds. We rely on the prayers of the saints while we are gone.
We will update the blog every chance we get.
Blessings to you all.
Wayne and Sherry

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MIlestones/Memories/Much Love

On Sept 15 our family began our 26th year at CCF. But on Sept 12 our precious church family surprised us with the most fantastic celebration we have ever experienced. To say we were speechless is an understatement. For one year 160 people kept a secret. That in itself is a miracle wouldn't you say? So if you have a secret to keep, CCF is the place to attend where your secrets will be safe. But seriously, words cannot express the Love we felt or the blessing that our church family is to us all. Please visit to see the pictures of this special day. We have so many wonderful memories from the past 25 yrs but this is by far the best. So thank you to a wonderful church family and to all our friends and relatives who surprised us by showing up and making the day a milestone in our memory bank.
We Love You,
Wayne and Sherry

Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Road Again

Well we have been home nearly 2 1/2 weeks and it has been quite busy. Joint worship services with sister churches, counseling, loving the family and the flu. But PTL through it all Gods grace has been more than sufficient.
It is hard to believe that in just 20 days we leave for Europe again. This time to Riga Latvia for a week to teach in a Bible School there on Biblical Counseling and then from there to Tirgoviste Romania to minister with dear friends there who pastor a church in that city. They have asked us to come teach on Biblical finances, Gods will for marriage and then do some one on one counseling with couples and leaders from their church. It should be a fun trip, since we will be reconnecting with friends we have known for 11 years. . We have never been to Latvia so do not know what to expect but will add this experience to our journey with the Lord. We never would have thought in our wildest dreams all those years ago when we were so unhappy in our early years of marriage that God would be sending us around the world to strengthen marriages and bring hope. We serve an awesome God for sure.
Please pray for us as we travel and especially pray for our family that they all stay healthy and safe.
Blessings to you as you begin your fall season.
Wayne and Sherry
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