Sunday, September 22, 2013

The trying of our Faith

The last three months have definetly been trying of our faith.. The good thing is that all things really do work together for good to those who love God... Our house was flooded as you know and the result has been a look at our hearts ..It is amazing what rises up in your flesh when you are being tested.. Praise the Lord for this time. We have learned so much about ourselves and about our amazing Father.  He has provided each and every thing we have needed from the beginning.

It is hard to believe we are leaving for Ukraine in  just a few weeks. We will be ministering at the Nehemiah Center in Uzghorod the last week of October.  We have been asked to teach a divorce recovery seminar this time. Please be in prayer that God would bring the people that are in need of what He has put in our hearts. Pray that they would be ready to forgive and ready to obey Him 100% in spite of the pain they are going through.  Pray for freedom to come to them as they apply the truth of the word of God to their lives.  Lord willing we will also be ministering in a few local churches while in the country. We would ask that you pray daily for us as we prepare and while we are there. We covet your prayers.

Today we had the joy of hosting our dear friends Richard and Anya Vandevere who stopped by in Cleveland for 24 hours on their way home from Texas to be with us. Anya was our first translator in Ukraine when we started going  in 2001. She was our main translator until she married her husband 5 years ago.  Richard preached at CCF this morning and did a marvelous job. You can access his sermon through the link here on our blog. It would be well worth listening to if you have the time.

We will start posting regularly next month. Thanks for taking time to read about our adventures.

Much love,
PW and Sherry  
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