Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9

Praise the Lord for His faithfullness. We have been able to purchase our plane tickets and are now working on the money for Anya and Richards tickets, fees and then our housing in Uzghorod.
We have been invited to come to Zhitomyr Ukraine on the way home to minister. So when we leave Uzghorod we will go there for 2 days to share the word and do some other ministry.
Please pray for us as we begin the preparation of the teachings we will do. We like to freshen them up each time so that they are alive in us.
On the home front, Pastor Bill ,our associate ,is doing a great job growing into his call. It is a great comfort for us to be able to leave the church with capable leadership. Years ago it was prophesied over us that we would be coming and going and that the people would not even notice. We are seeing that coming to pass. He is such a blessing to us and to the body.
We have also received an invitation to minister in Latvia this coming year. There is a bible school there and we will minister for one week on the marriage and family relationships. Most likely this trip will be in either the fall or spring and we will combine it with a side trip to Romania to minister to the church there. They have contacted us also and asked us to come. If the Lord wills we may be going sooner than next fall but we will have to see what His plan is. Please join us in praying about this.
We have also started corresponding with a precious pastor from the Phillipines who found our blog and contacted us. His name is Rannie Lamento and we would ask that you all pray for him and his family and the church that they pastor. We have been mentoring him through the email and have sent several bible study tools etc. for him to grow in his call. It has been so much fun to meet people from all over the world. The family of God knows no boundries. Just think, we will all spend eternity together and some of us may meet for the first time in heaven.
Who said the Christian life is boring? Not us.
Have a blessed Christmas and remember the real reason for the season.
With Love,
Wayne and Sherry
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