Friday, January 9, 2009

March Trip

We have finally made all the final connections for our next trip. We have been invited by Romanian Pastor Mihai to return to Tirgoviste in March on our way to Ukraine. We will arrive on March 9 and begin teaching and ministering on the 10th. The church there is a young church with many teens, young adults and newly marrieds. Pastor has shared that they are seeing the need for marriage ministry so this time that is all that we will focus on. Tuesday we will meet with all the married couples for a mini seminar and then the rest of the week we will meet privately with those who wish to meet for personal counsel and mentoring. It should be fun. And of course we will connect with our other friends there and spend time with them.
We will head to Ukraine on Friday that week and minister in the city of Slavyansk which is in the Donetsk region of Ukraine nearer to the Black Sea. We will be doing a school for Pastors and their wives and other leaders from their union on marriage and family. Pastor Oleg and his wife invited us to come last August after they attended our Seminar on Child rearing in Uzghorod. We have been in touch with him on a regular basis and he said that the Bishop from his union is looking forward to meeting with us as well. So please keep us in prayer over the next month as we prepare to go.
After much prayer we have decided to wait and return to Uzghorod in the summer or early fall. We want to be where the Father wants us each time and we did not have peace about trying to go at this time. So we will keep you posted.
God Bless You all as you begin this new year of serving our Father, we pray that you hear His voice clearly and that you enter into all He has for you.
Grace and Peace,
Wayne and Sherry
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