Monday, May 19, 2014

Philippine Youth Seminar May 16th

What a blessing it is to us to minister to young people. Like I said in my last post sometimes God makes me giggle as a result.  PW had the grace and the word titled 3 Primary Relationships for this seminar on Friday night.  Here is a picture of the young people with PW.  I unfortunately had to take a medicine for hives and it totally knocked me out about half hour before the seminar finished at 2 a.m.  so I am not in the picture.  :>)))  

The following is from Pastor Rannie giving a report on the seminar. 

The message of Pastor Wayne for the young people is very a blessings to us here, even me and my wife are so much blessed. The message is purely word of God it cleans our hearts and mind. The reaction of the young people are so much serious while they are listening of the lecture of Pastor Wayne. 

After of the seminar yesterday, because we have enough time all the young people together with me and my wife we are continuing to discussed of what Pastor Wayne that Shared to us, Pastor said Yesterday that Short Pleasure, Results long pain, this is the points that the young people very encourage to continue 
to discussed, and two wars. war inside and war outside. Tell Pastor Wayne we are so much encouraged and your labor is not in vain.

Much love,
Rannie and Rosemarie

Sunday, May 11, 2014

God makes me giggle

I am always amazed at the sense of humor of our Father.  He says a merry  heart is like good medicine and that is so true.

This coming Friday May 16th PW and I have been asked to speak at another youth seminar in the Philippines. And that makes me giggle.  Why?  Well we are in our mid 60's, old folks to these teens and yet they WANT us to speak to  them. They are hungry to learn from our life experiences.  The same was true of the Latvian youth. And when we minister in Ukraine many times it is to the youth.

Please keep us in prayer as we prepare this week and then as we minister via Skype Friday night from 9 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Anyway, when we are with young people we laugh a lot. And that brothers and sister is good medicine.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sweet Goodbyes

Today has been bittersweet to say the least. This week has been extremely memorable for us. For some reason this group of students have worked their way into our hearts like few others.  Listening to their stories and seeing how God has worked in their lives, the freshness of their faith, the zeal for Gods word and hunger have been such a blessing and encouragement.  Today as we did the role plays we were once again filled with joy as the students practiced what they had learned this week. Our hearts are forever changed having met these young people a half a globe away from home.  Enjoy the pictures and please pray for them as they finish out the school year and go forward with Gods plan for their lives.  Who knows perhaps there is another Billy Graham or Reinhard Bonke in this group.  It has been such a privilege to be apart of their growth.  Thank you CCF for allowing us to come, thank you to our family for letting us go and thank you to those of you who prayed for us or gave financially.  We love you, PW and Sherry

Practicing what they learned in role play, here they are counseling Sherry.
Sherry and Diana translating

Marina has translated into Russian for 5 yrs.
This is  her last year at the school. 

Natasha the school Secretary, Mom to the students and Marina

Note with picture of us one of the students
Put on the Board for us during break.

They blessed us with cards and candy to say thank you.
Then they all laid hands on us and prayed for us.
Test time.  

Evija one of our students her smile is so pretty and encouraging
and her sweet spirit was a blessing. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Long but productive day

Hi all, sorry I did not get this posted yesterday, It was a long long day and we were spent by the time we got home at 10:30.  Class went really well today. We finished the teachings and will start with the fun stuff in the morning doing role plays so the students can apply what they have been taught.  Pw preached at the Source of Life Church last night after teaching all day.  The church has a tuesday prayer meeting and a thursday equipping service which is the one he preached.  Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Marou and Julia at our dinner on Wed. Evening
She is an excellent cook and we enjoyed dinner and the time of fellowship.

PW preaching on Choices

This lady came up to us afterward and said she had lived in Cleveland as an exchange student in 1994. What are the chances that we meet someone who had visited Cleveland in Latvia?  

Danny and Damaris Pedraza missionaries from Argentina
We enjoyed a lovely time of fellowship after the service at a local restaurant.
Two of our girls.  Lauma on the left is one of our translators. She has been a believer for a little over a year.

I will post more pictures after we finish up today.
Much love,
PW and Sherry

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