Monday, May 19, 2014

Philippine Youth Seminar May 16th

What a blessing it is to us to minister to young people. Like I said in my last post sometimes God makes me giggle as a result.  PW had the grace and the word titled 3 Primary Relationships for this seminar on Friday night.  Here is a picture of the young people with PW.  I unfortunately had to take a medicine for hives and it totally knocked me out about half hour before the seminar finished at 2 a.m.  so I am not in the picture.  :>)))  

The following is from Pastor Rannie giving a report on the seminar. 

The message of Pastor Wayne for the young people is very a blessings to us here, even me and my wife are so much blessed. The message is purely word of God it cleans our hearts and mind. The reaction of the young people are so much serious while they are listening of the lecture of Pastor Wayne. 

After of the seminar yesterday, because we have enough time all the young people together with me and my wife we are continuing to discussed of what Pastor Wayne that Shared to us, Pastor said Yesterday that Short Pleasure, Results long pain, this is the points that the young people very encourage to continue 
to discussed, and two wars. war inside and war outside. Tell Pastor Wayne we are so much encouraged and your labor is not in vain.

Much love,
Rannie and Rosemarie

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, again, for letting us "participate" in the outreach! Pastor Rannie sounds like such a precious brother in Christ. So sorry Sherry was dealing with hives! We miss her in the picture. Love you all----M

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