Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunday and Monday

Inside the pavilion
Saying goodbye is always bittersweet for us since we so love the people of Ukraine, but God has also called us to serve Him in Chardon Ohio and we also love them so we will return to our assigned post with joy and expectation.  We really are torn between two continents. Our time at Nehemiah is always so special.  Vasiko and Tanya and their team are doing a wonderful job at providing a place for Gods people to come and be trained.  They are also opening up many opportunities for lost people to come and hear the gospel through seminars that address topics of interest, and also English camps and recently working with the social department to provide training for Foster parents. 
 This is the new pavilion that Vasiko has built on the grounds at Nehemiah Center.  It will be used for an outdoor restaurant and also for some of the seminars. 

Back patio of Nehemiah Center

The line at the Ukrainian and Slovakian border
PW actually got out and talked to the motorcycle owners
who spoke English.  He showed them pictures of his cylce and had
a great time passing the 3 hours wait at the border.

A street in Kosice Slovakia

  We love the church spires that pop out of trees all over Europe.  This is Kosice, our favorite city after Prague.  We usually spend the night here before we fly out to come home. It is always relaxing and fun for us.  PW has his favorite Pizza parlour here and an ice cream shop which we always visit.   :>)

A park in Kosice with a dancing fountain

PW sharing a park bench with
some locals. 

 Click on this picture and you will see the fountain and 3 little boys watching. On Sunday afternoons families gather in these parks and just sit and visit and drink coffees or eat ice cream. It is a lovely tradition that we like to take part in. Close your eyes and imagine the sound of lovely music playing, water splashing and children laughing and people talking.  Now you have experienced a Sunday in the park..

This is the cathedral that
is in the center of the park.  You can see all the
lovely work that was put into building it. 

We arrived home in Cleveland around 6. We had been up for 24 hours and were quite tired, but it was a good day of travel with no problems.  All of our flights were on time, the service was excellent and our luggage arrived home with us Praise the Lord.

We want to thank all of you for your faithful prayers and support during this trip.  God was honored and many seeds were planted for the souls of men and women through the preaching of the word and saints were equipped to minister to their families.  It is an honor to serve Him and we do not take the responsibility lightly by any means. 

Please be in prayer for us for our next mission trip which, Lord willing, will be the last week of  January 2013 when we hope to go to the Philippines to minister to Pastors and Wives there.  We have been praying about this for several years and our friend Pastor Rannie Lamento invited us to come for this time.  We will be sending out a newsletter soon giving more details.  If you would like to be put on our mailing list, please send us an email at ccfchardon@gmail.net  requesting to be put on the list.  

Grace and Peace
With much love,
PW and Sherry
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why we love Uzghorod continued - Saturday

  We met up with a group of our friends today for coffee and a pastry in town. It was a good time of fellowship.  The little gal next to Sherry is Rita who has moved to Israel. She headed up a ministry to Jewish Holocaust survivors in Uzghorod for years.  She is now married and lives in the country that she loves. 

Bridge with locks.  Newly married couples put the locks on the bridge in the hopes that their marriage will last. 

Another gorgeous building on the river.

Oxana and Valodya Sergachov
Dear friends for 12 years. 
Sasha and Oxana and their two girls.


Coffee shop and a city street

Note what the bench says. 

Sherry sharing the bench with a young man who was drinking and a homeless person

Us with Edik and Ershika

Us girls having fun.  Olya is in the middle.

           Saturday Bazaar along the river
We met up with the American World Race team by accident at Mrs. Greenwhich Pizza Parlor. It was great getting to know them a little more. 
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday - final day of seminar

Today was our final day of teaching.  It is so bittersweet. We have shared our lives this past week with our students and they shared with us.  It has been so good.  Today several of the foster parents came up and told us the first day they were skeptical thinking we might be a cult, then as we taught and  they realized that we were not trying to convert them to our denomination, that we really believed the bible had the answers and that they were ordering the tapes so they could re listen to the teachings which they said were very helpful.  God broke through and we give him all the glory. PW shared the gospel clearly in several of the teaching times.  What an honor it is to be his vessels.  So we planted seeds, someone else will water and someone else will reap. But God gets all the credit.  Praise His Holy Name.

 This is a foster child. As you can see she is very proud of her little doll.  Her foster parents have 5 of their own children and 6 foster kids.  The kids are loved and embraced as though they were their own.  You should have seen the dad playing with the kids and swinging them around. It is obvious this family is called to do this and is making a difference.

This is our class minus 2 couples who had to leave last night.
 This is Kola and Natalie.  She is from Belgium and He is from Ukraine. They are engaged to be married and always like to get with us and talk about relationships. They are a blessing to us both.  Kola is an administrator at Nehemiah and Natalie is the director of the summer english camps here at Nehemiah.

This evening we met with these 15 Americans from a ministry called World Race. They travel for 11 months, a different country each month, and serve the people in a country in any way that is needed in order to share the gospel. They are a true inspiration.  Anyway, we met with them to do a bible study and then pray for them.  This past week they served us by watching all the foster kids and doing a camp with them while their parents attended the seminar. Thank you to all of you for serving our Lord in this way.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Ukraine. We will spend it meeting friends for coffee and walks and Pw will go play his traditional game of pool with our friend Vasiko. 

Thank you to all of you for praying for us, for sending funds so we can do this and for welcoming us back home.  We love each one of you.

Pw and Sherry
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was a non stop day of ministry from early in the morning.  We also taught for 6 hours and met wtih many others in between our teachings.  We were so tired last night that we came home and hit the bed and fell sound asleep.  I love days like this. 

This is a picture of some beautiful roses a lady brought us to say thank you. They have brought sunshine to our little home all week.
We are always so honored and humbled when they spend money they do not have to bless us.  

The living room of our little apartment at Nehemiah Center.  It is very homey and comfortable.

 This is Maxim. He is a 15 -19 yr old ( they have no birth certificate to know when he was born)  foster child who took a liking to us. He followed us around all day and kept smiling at us. He is giving you all a thumbs up.  :>))  When we finished the picture, he made Sherry an origami frog and presented it to her as a gift.  He is a gypsy boy who has some learning disabilities and other issues from the abuse he suffered as a child. I wanted to bring him home.  Such a sweet gentle spirit. Please pray for him, he says he wants to have an apartment in Uzghorod and live on his own and have a job.  This will not be possible for him, but he still dreams.  He is one of many children who are suffering like this over here.

This is Sasha and Lena, friends whom we met 12 yrs ago on our first trip to Ukraine. Each time we come, they come for fellowship and counseling. They are one of the miracles God performed. When we first met them they were on the verge of divorce, now 12 yrs later, they are still together, have 7 children and have been pastoring a church.  God is good.

Today has been very busy. We have counseled most of the day.  Then taught for 2 hours this evening.  It has been a good week and as always we are sad it is coming to an end but ready to go home to our assigned place once again.  We will have our last seminar session tomorrow then will meet with several people for counseling and tomorrow evening we have the pleasure of teaching the group of Americans who were here this week watching the kids so their parents could attend our seminar. We will take a picture of them and post it tomorrow. 

With love,
PW and Sherry
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We got up early today to prepare for our second day of teaching. Today the foster families, who are required to get several hours a month of parental teaching,  arrived so our class doubled in size.  We had fun  teaching on how to resolve conflict and then the roles of the husband and wife.  Teaching biblical truth to non believers was interesting.  The amazing thing was that the non believers started off with arms crossed but by the end of the first session they were leaning forward in their seats and listening intently. Wayne presented the gosple very clearly during the session on husbands. Praise the Lord. 

 This is our class.

After dinner we went to a prayer meeting with a group of people who attend the New Testament church. We have known most of them for 12 years , since they were in their early 20's and we were in our 50's.   PW and I both had the opportunity to share the word with them and then we prayed and did some prophetic ministry for each one.  At the end they insisted on praying over us also.   It is always so humbling when those to whom you minister want to bless you in return. God truly met with us tonight and all of us left uplifted and encouraged in the Lord. 
  Wayne praying a blessing over a young man who has Autism. This precious young man sat and smiled the whole evening.  He is used of God to encourage others with his gentle spirit. He does not speak with his mouth, but his countenance says it all. 

This is the group we met with in Angelikas little 3 room house filled with love and peace.  Precious time of fellowship in the Lord.

Angelika and Sherry

We finally got home around 10:30. It has been a long day and we are tired but it is a good tired. Thank you for your faithful prayers for us while we are here.  We definitely feel them and have much peace and our energy has been good.  Tomorrow we will begin the parenting seminar.  Please ask God to help us answer the questions with wisdom that these parents have concerning their children. Most have specific issues for which they are wanting answers.  Discipline is a real problem with foster families since they are restricted by the government in many ways.  But God has answers and it is with His words that we want to minster.  God bless you all.

With much love,
PW and Sherry
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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Update

These adorable children are just a four of the kids attending the English Camp while we teach the adults.

Today we began our Family seminar.  We had 28 in attendance today and the foster families are coming  tomorrow. Todays group had quite a few who had been traveling for 2 days to get here.   We began teaching on Marriage with the basic teaching on Purpose of marriage and then followed it with talking about the sources of conflict.  Two men asked us if we could do more eveing teachings so they would not miss anything. Always good to hear that people are hungry.  The people were very nice and came up to talk to us afterward.  Tomrorow we will see where the Lord leads.

Please pray specifically for us with the foster families. Several of them are non Christians so it will be interesting to see how they respond to the biblical teachings.  Pray for God to open up the eyes of their understanding and that many would come to faith in Christ.  We are excited about this week.

We will post pictures of our whole group after they all arrive.  Those who were not here today will recieve a copy of one of our previous seminars on marriage so they will not miss any of the teachings.  We will also be offering our Marriage DVD this week.

With much love,
PW and Sherry
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Today we had the privilege of ministering at the City of LIfe Church in Uzghorod. The church is pastored by our friends Edik and Ershika Opelenik. We have been coming to this church for the past 6 years and have become good friends with all of them. Pastor Edik asked us several years ago to mentor he and his wife in Pastoral ministry and it has been our honor. PW preached on the Gospel today. He has been doing a series at our home church and it is alive in him. The response was wonderful and many came up after to talk to us and thank him for the timely word. Pastor said he had felt led to focus on evangelism this fall and so it was a confirmation that PW had the spirits leading when preparing for todays sermon. After service we went to Edik and Ershikas home for a wonderful dinner and time of fellowship. We ended up staying until after 5 talking about everything from doctrine to world politics and a hope of an upcoming trip by them to the United States. We would love for you all to meet them in person and hear Edik preach.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why we love Uzghorod continued

                                  Churches, city streets and bridge

My friends Valeria and Olya
We spent a lovely day together Sat. walking the streets and seeing
the sites.
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