Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday was a non stop day of ministry from early in the morning.  We also taught for 6 hours and met wtih many others in between our teachings.  We were so tired last night that we came home and hit the bed and fell sound asleep.  I love days like this. 

This is a picture of some beautiful roses a lady brought us to say thank you. They have brought sunshine to our little home all week.
We are always so honored and humbled when they spend money they do not have to bless us.  

The living room of our little apartment at Nehemiah Center.  It is very homey and comfortable.

 This is Maxim. He is a 15 -19 yr old ( they have no birth certificate to know when he was born)  foster child who took a liking to us. He followed us around all day and kept smiling at us. He is giving you all a thumbs up.  :>))  When we finished the picture, he made Sherry an origami frog and presented it to her as a gift.  He is a gypsy boy who has some learning disabilities and other issues from the abuse he suffered as a child. I wanted to bring him home.  Such a sweet gentle spirit. Please pray for him, he says he wants to have an apartment in Uzghorod and live on his own and have a job.  This will not be possible for him, but he still dreams.  He is one of many children who are suffering like this over here.

This is Sasha and Lena, friends whom we met 12 yrs ago on our first trip to Ukraine. Each time we come, they come for fellowship and counseling. They are one of the miracles God performed. When we first met them they were on the verge of divorce, now 12 yrs later, they are still together, have 7 children and have been pastoring a church.  God is good.

Today has been very busy. We have counseled most of the day.  Then taught for 2 hours this evening.  It has been a good week and as always we are sad it is coming to an end but ready to go home to our assigned place once again.  We will have our last seminar session tomorrow then will meet with several people for counseling and tomorrow evening we have the pleasure of teaching the group of Americans who were here this week watching the kids so their parents could attend our seminar. We will take a picture of them and post it tomorrow. 

With love,
PW and Sherry
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Lois said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm sure the rest is good, even if not quite enough. God strengthens. Am so happy to hear how fulfilled you are doing the Lord's work.

Lisa said...

It's a wonderful thing the impact you guys are having over there. It really moves me to think of how God uses each of us in the lives of others. We truly are The Body of Christ. God is good!


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