Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why we love Uzghorod continued - Saturday

  We met up with a group of our friends today for coffee and a pastry in town. It was a good time of fellowship.  The little gal next to Sherry is Rita who has moved to Israel. She headed up a ministry to Jewish Holocaust survivors in Uzghorod for years.  She is now married and lives in the country that she loves. 

Bridge with locks.  Newly married couples put the locks on the bridge in the hopes that their marriage will last. 

Another gorgeous building on the river.

Oxana and Valodya Sergachov
Dear friends for 12 years. 
Sasha and Oxana and their two girls.


Coffee shop and a city street

Note what the bench says. 

Sherry sharing the bench with a young man who was drinking and a homeless person

Us with Edik and Ershika

Us girls having fun.  Olya is in the middle.

           Saturday Bazaar along the river
We met up with the American World Race team by accident at Mrs. Greenwhich Pizza Parlor. It was great getting to know them a little more. 
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Lisa said...

Love all the great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Do they really wear all the lovely blouses/dresses at the open air shops? The embroidered ones? Or are they mainly tourist souvenirs?

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