Saturday, February 16, 2008

Romanian Update

Here is a sample of a letter we received today from one of the Romanian pastors whom we minister to when we travel. We have removed the names for privacy, but you can get a feel for the great need in this country. They have such a passion for the Lord but have not figured out how to balance it with marriage relationships. Please pray for them and us as we mentor them.

Hello friends,
Thank you for your email. Know that we love you and miss you a lot, but the time is getting so short and it seems we didn’t figure it all out how to manage it properly. I know that not replying to emails or calls is getting frustration most of the time, but we want to let you know that WE DO LOVE YOU and WE MISS YOU!
Anyway... we have more couples in the church that needs you, others than _________ and ________ families.
Well Wayne and Sherry, please pray that God might gives us wisdom and patience with one another, wisdom that will make us pass through these little stuff quicker than right now. We pray for you guys and we expect to see you this summer. Can’t wait! I am working with the youth on our coffee house and in Moreni with a cell group. My wife have her cell group of ladies in Doicesti and she enjoy doing it, though she is tired in this period of time. I am trying to start an internship program for the teenagers in the summer and I am working on this one, too. Also, I will be host and MC for a team from LOUISIANA that will come at the end of this month. Plus the other 150 small things that I am doing in the church: counseling, teaching, preaching and so on. I enjoy it very much and consider it a privilege from the Lord working full time! However, I am not selling my family for it. I have to work harder on this one, but I will succeed. I am sure about it.

We miss you and love you very, very much!
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