Monday, November 22, 2010

Amazing God

It never ceases to amaze us to see how God works.
We have just recently received two letters from the Philippines that demonstrate this. Our friend Pastor Rannie who pastors in Hinagdanan wrote and asked permission to use our Marriage DVD to offer a seminar since we were not able to come. A week after the seminar we received this letter from another pastor who said "Pastor Wayne, please allow me and my wife to express our heartfelt thanks because of the very powerful marriage seminar offered to us by Pastor Rannie. Through this seminar my wife and I we really understand our role both sides. Even though I am already a pastor but I never understand about my attitude toward my wife mostly I want that my wife always listening to me to my decision and directly speaking I act as a king in my family and toward my wife, but praise be to God because through your DVD tapes my life has been totally changed so one thing I can say keep up the good work" A few days later we heard from another pastor who said " I heard your name from Pastor Rannie and shared your DVD Bridgebuilder marriage seminar. I write you an email because we want to have a teaching materials about couples. Thank you and God bless your family and ministry. "
Brothers and sisters, this is just one example of how God is working. We are amazed and can only praise our Amazing God. If you would like to help in this ministry with the DVDs, you can send a special offering for this purpose to our church, Chardon Christian Fellowship, 401 South Hambden St. Chardon, Ohio 44024. Just note in the subject line it is for the Bridgebuilders DVDs and it will be used only for that purpose. We would also like to be able to help Pastor Rannie pay for this seminar so you may also make a donation to be given to him. Just put it in the subject line. The custom in their country is to feed the guests 3 meals a day. We have already sent a small donation but it costs several hundred dollars to pay for these meals so any help would be appreciated.
We thank God for all of you who give and pray. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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