Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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As you look at the pictures below, we hope you get a sense of these wonderful people and also get joy as you realize you had a part in the ministry we did while there.
Our next mission trip is scheduled for August, please start praying now.

Messianic Pastor Anatoly, Wayne, Pastor Alexander
and with the wives.

Wayne on his knees begging Anatoly and Alexander
for a robe like theirs. We laughed until tears rolled.
What a great ending to our three weeks of ministry.
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Here we are with the family minstry team
in the Zhitomyr church.

Our translator Anna with two friends.
A happy young couple we counseled on our last visit.
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Lively worship in Zhitomyr- Wayne dancing with the men
The flags are beautiful and add so much.

The church in Zhitomyr sending greetings.
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Dear friends, Pastor Alexander and Irina and family plus pets.
We had a wonderful time of fellowship at their home.
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Our class picture

Ending the week sharing communion together.
It was a very special way to end the week.
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The ladies tea at the Methodist church.
Sherry teaching

Sherry talking to a very cute little boy
who was telling her that sometimes he
gets ice cream for a reward when he is good.
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Kristi and her baby Nadiya

Wayne and Valya teaching the Methodist Pastors
Our class in Uzghorod
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Congregation of the Methodist church in Kamyanistsa
located in a village not far from Uzghorod.
Pastor Vacily and Alya
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Some of the couples we ministered to while in
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Pastor Nick Litvin and his wife Svyeta

Sherry teaching as Richard translates
Wayne teaching as Anya translates
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Open Air Markets in Kirovograd. It was cold and there were
snow flurries on this day. How would you like to have to run one
of these little stands for a living?
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1. Our translator and friends Richard and Anya Vandevere
2. Our seminar class in Kirovograd
3. The church in Kirovograd sending greetings to all of you.
4. Wayne preached to this congregation our first Sunday.
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