Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today has been good although a challenge in some ways. I have been sick all day with a virus of some sort so I did not attend the sessions today, but Wayne said that as he taught on the Role of the husband as Leader one of the Methodist pastors asked him what he taught about Women pastors. That led to an hour long bunny trail and very lively discussion. Of course one of the pastors in the room was a woman. So you can see they are definitely not quiet which is good but challenging because they sometimes interrupt with questions. Tomorrow he will finish the teaching.
I taught the women at the Methodist church tonight. They had asked me to teach on Respect. They seemed to receive the teaching and we had refreshments afterward and no one left so that is always a good sign.
Please pray for us to have the mind of the Lord on what to teach the next few days. We want to hit the mark with what this group needs. God has been so faithful and we know He will continue.
Have a blessed day tomorrow.
Love, Wayne and Sherry


Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you're still sick, Sherry. I'm glad you got some rest and were able to teach in the evening.

Things are good at CCF. Sundays have been wonderful, so has homegroup. Pastor Bill and Edie are blessing us so much!

Keep Bill and Carole Jazbec in your prayers. Carole's father is terminally ill and Bill has pnemonia. They're hoping he won't have to be hospitalized.

Praying for God's annointing and leading as you teach and minister.

Love, Lisa

Sarah said...


I'm SO sorry you aren't feeling well! I'll keep praying.

And, wow, don't you just love bunny trails???? Ha!

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