Friday, March 26, 2010


Today has been busy as usual. PW taught on Sources of Conflict, Differences between Men and Women and the Peace and Joy Principle. It was good teaching and the pastors and wives seemed to really be taking in the truth. After lunch we went with Pastor Sergei and met with Pastor Edik and his wife at a local restaurant for desert. Pastor Edik asked us if we would be willing to come for two weeks next spring and teach at his bible school. He wants us to teach for one week on the family and then one week teaching on how to counsel. He is wanting his people to be equipped in these areas. We were blessed and honored that he would ask us to come. Please pray for wisdom for us. There are just so many invitations and we cannot accept them all with our responsibilities at home so we must hear from God on which ones will have the most impact in helping the people in this culture. If you remember we were also invited to come to Ludansk this coming spring and in the fall sometime we have been asked to come to Romania and Latvia to teach, so you can see our dilemma.
We ended our day with teaching at the Methodist church on How to Resolve conflict and then Richard and Anya picked us up and we went to their home to visit and have dinner and say goodbye.
All in all it was a wonderful day. Thank you CCF for allowing us to come. When we come, you come and only eternity will reveal the fruit of these times.
Today is our final day of teaching and then we will pack. I will update when we are finished and pictures will be posted by next Wed so please be sure to check back to have a look at your brothers and sisters from Ukraine.
With love, Wayne and Sherry

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Lisa said...

So many invitations! How exciting! I'm not surprised at all though. ;) I'm sure The Lord will show you His will and open the doors he wants you to walk through. His purposes will prevail as you seek Him.

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