Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today has been a very busy day. We had a counseling session at 10:30 then met Anya and Richard to go into town to meet with our friends Valodya and Oxana...If you remember, Oxanas sister and family were tragically murdered a few months ago. We had lunch with them and caught up on our lives then left and met with a young woman whose husband is physically abusing both her and her child. In the Ukraine they do not have safe houses for women who are suffering like this so as a general rule, women do not know what to do and as a Christian she did not want to disobey God. We of course told her to leave him immediately for the child's protection and helped her come up with a plan that could be followed. Please pray for her and her husband. God can surely help this man overcome his sin issue so the family can be restored.
Tonight we started our marriage seminar with the Methodist pastors and wives. We had a good group who were very interactive and excited. This should prove to be a good week. Two of the pastors, one Methodist and his friend who pastors a Charismatic church, approached us and asked that we come to their city next spring. This would be in the far Eastern part of Ukraine near the Russian border. There are 4 different denominational churches that invited us.
Wayne and I shared our testimony and also taught on Sabbath rest and the purpose of marriage.
Please continue to keep us in prayer for the rest of the week, that we not only stay healthy, but that our lives make an impact for Gods glory.
Love, Wayne and Sherry

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