Thursday, March 11, 2010

Arrival and Unexpected Meetings

Mom and Dad arrived safely in Ukraine around 5:30 this morning our time. The flight was very uneventful and roomy. When they arrived in Frankfurt they 'happened' to see Gordon Wright, who was also on his way to Kiev for a week of teaching. They were able to sit next to each other and visit the entire flight. How encouraging it must have been to see a fellow American believer and be able to encourage one another on the way to minister to others.
Please continue to pray for them daily! You can see the time in Ukraine on the left sidebar of the blog. It is helpful as you pray for them to know where they are in their day.


Lisa said...

What a wonderful, unexpected surprise it must have been to run in to Gordon. One of the many blessings God has for you on this trip, I'm sure! I see it's about 6 p.m. there. I am praying for a blessed evening for you guys and a good nigh sleep.

Love, Lisa

Sarah said...

Thank you for the clock! Great idea! I've been praying for them!

View from the Parsonage said...

Thanks so much for the comments girls. I cannot get onto the post part yet because it is in russian but will do so as soon as possible. Meanwhile, just wanted to say thanks. And Sara it is great that you are praying for us. thanks. Love, Sherry

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