Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday - A Bittersweet Ending

Today was our final day of ministry here in Uzghorod. It is always bittersweet. We are usually tired and ready to go home. We miss our family but also hate to say goodbye to new friends. Today was no exception. The Methodist pastors here are on fire for God, have a deep desire to preach the word of God and to see souls saved.It has been a delight to work with them.
Today Sherry taught on the Role of the Woman and ended up having a lively discussion with one of the pastors who challenged her when she said that is was OK for a woman to disobey her husband if he asked her to sin, he was referring to Sara when Abraham sent her to Pharoah. PTL for PW who saved the day. The pastor ended up agreeing with us once we stated our case from scriptures. It was touch an go for a few minutes. But we asked questions such as "if a husband wants the wife to watch pornography with him, should she obey?" That was the clincher for him, he finally understood what we were saying.
After the class, we took group pictures, and took communion together. It was very sweet. Sergei and his wife Esther had us for lunch and after a visit with them, we came back here to Nehemiah to pack up our stuff. We have been given so much candy that we have to make room for it. Our grandchildren will be delighted.
Tomorrow we fly to Kiev and will be picked up by our friends from the Church in Zhitomyr( 2 hours away) and will spend the day with Pastor Alexander and his wife and then on Sunday PW will preach at his church and we will go back to Kiev to spend the night since we leave at 5:30 a.m. on Monday.
Please keep us in prayer over the next few days. It will be alot of travel and little sleep. Also, would you please pray that we can get seats with leg room for PW on our overseas leg of the trip. Oh and please pray for my Uncle Norm. He is in the hospital and his kidneys have quit working and they are putting him on dialysis. Thank you.
With Love,
Wayne and Sherry


Lisa said...

Praying for all your needs as you travel home. Love you both!

Sarah said...


Praying for safe travels home! (and hoping you aren't still sick before you head for the plane!)

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