Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today was very busy and started quite early. We were in Methodist churches today which was very interesting. The one was very traditional and they did not have a worship leader of any kind, but the people just started singing hymns accapella. It was beautiful and you could tell they love the Lord and also love to sing. We had lunch with the Pastor and his wife and that was nice. She is a fabulous cook and we had Borscht which was homemade. The women here have to cook everything from scratch and it takes about 2 hours to prepare a meal each day. Can you imagine? But the end result is excellent food and they present it beautifully. We also had rice and meat and pickles.
The second service was at the Charismatic Methodist church in Uzghorod. The Pastor Sergei is the man who invites us to come each time we are in town. His church has a young congregation that meets in the evening and the worship leader is a truly annointed young man. He wrote several of the songs that we sang tonight. Wayne preached a great sermon as always (this is Sherry saying that). We had dinner at his home after the service and had rice and beef stir fry and poppy seed and nut patica. Yummmmm, I am afraid we have both gained weight with all this good food. One cannot turn down a hostess you know. :>)))
On our way out of the building this afternoon PW slipped on step that had been covered by a rug and fell and hurt is knee, ankle and elbow. Please pray that he does not have any problems with it since he will be standing alot this week. It is starting to swell so we think he sprained his ankle. It sure scared me since I thought he had had a stroke and fell, because he just laid there. PTL that all is well.
I have a horrid cold and am dosing myself with echinecia tea. Mission trips are so much fun. :>))) See why we need your prayer?
We heard that Pastor Bill preached another great message. This week his sermon was on the Passover.
Well off to bed because we have an early morning.
Blessings, Wayne and Sherry


Anonymous said...

Well we all missed u on hat day. It was great that most of the people joined in and even though Barb felt too ill to join us she was truly moved. I have lots of pics to pass on to her and share.

PTL that Sharon Haynes is recovering well. Tmrw is my day to share a meal. God has been so gracious lately to answer our prayers with Jan Carlson and Sharon to have their ops go well.

God did bless the message with His annointing. I, Edie, was really ministered to, and I overheard several others telling Bill it blessed them as well and ministered to them.

We are so blessed in this body that God has given us so many gifts.

Hannah did a wonderful worship dance, she would have made u proud grandma and grandpa. Lisa did the hospitality table well and the sign too! The music was good, and family sharing time like always was a blessing. All to the Glory and Praise of the Lord w the gifts of talents he has blessed us with.
And you know of so many others using their gifts can't even name them all or we'ld run out of room.

My heart overflows feeling blessed.

Larry did come for prayer t'night and said that something had come up last week. He actually road his bike all the way to the church cause his wife needed the car. What wonderful commitment.

And now we're all praying on this Obamacare thing taking place t'night and into the wee hours of the morning.

All that food sounds good. Even beats a jamocha shake celebration.

We have and will continue to pray for your health. Praise God that He is our healer.

We miss you but yet will sacrifice our feelings so that Gods word can continue to go forth and produce for Him a glorious church.

Love and prayers,
xo xo xo
Edith (and Bill as well)

Sarah said...


I hope Wayne is not too sore!! What a scary thing! And I'll pray for your health too. Fighting a cold while you need to be "on" is hard. And I don't want you to have to fly home all stuffed up!

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear about Pastor's fall!! Praying for you both!

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