Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Unexpected surprises - that is what the Lord had up His sleeve for us today. We were headed for Chicago and heard our name over the loud speaker. When we arrived at the desk we were told they were going to have to change us to United leaving out of Washington instead of Chicago. The best part? Without us saying a word, the lady said that because of the inconvenience they were putting us in economy plus seats! That means five extra inches of leg room and wider seats! Those of you who have flown know that is like being given front row seats at an Indian's game. We are overcome with thankfulness and gratitude to the Lord for this answered prayer. Keep praying, please.
Much love, Wayne and Sherry


Lisa said...

Well, you definitely have the right attitude! And praise God for the upgraded seats! It will be exciting to see all the things God has planned on this trip. :)

Anne said...

How nice!

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