Monday, February 22, 2010

A few more pictures from the Seminar

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Marriage Seminar 2010

We wanted to post a few pictures from our taping of the DVD for the Ukraine. We had so much fun. We ended up with around 98 participants who were very attentive and excited to be there for the day. We laughed alot and made some new friends. The feedback on the material presented was good and the thing that blessed us the most was to hear couples talking during the breaks and talking about their own marriages. PTL.

Judy, Julie, Bruce and Kim served our guests lunch and did a great job. Thanks to you all.

New Prayer need
We just found out today Feb. 22, that Lufthansa pilots are threatening a strike if negotiations fail by March 8. We are scheduled to fly out on March 10. Please pray that details are worked out and that we can arrive safely and on time at our destination.
As soon as we have our schedule we will post it for those of you who pray for us.
Blessings, Wayne and Sherry

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

God is Awesome

If you remember in a previous post we had found out that our flight from Kiev to Uzghorod and back had been cancelled. Thank you to all who prayed for that to get worked out, our travel agent was able to get us another flight with a different airline and it was even less expensive. How we praise our Lord for the many answers to prayer even for simple things like this.

We have 103 signed up to be part of our audience on Sat. for the taping of our Basic Marriage Seminar. As soon as it is edited, we will be taking it to our Ukranian translators who will begin working on the script to do the voiceover in Russian. This will be a valuable resource for us to be able to give away free to Pastors from small villages who are wanting a marriage seminar. Some of these villages are so off the beaten path that it is not feasible for us to go, but we want to minister to them.

We are scheduled to leave America on March 10 and would appreciate your prayers for us as we finish up our preperations here at home. With all the snow we have had lately we have to line up men to come clear our driveway so our mothers can get in and out if if snows. We are also trying to make sure everything at CCF is lined up so Pastor Bill who works full time at a secular job does not have more on his plate than necessary.

The scripture says that the Steps of the Rigtheous are ordered by the Lord and we can surely see that is happening in our lives. We have been invited to come to Latvia, Romania and the Phillipines to do our seminars. Please pray for us to hear clearly about which ones to accept so that we are right in the center of the Lords will.

We want to encourage all of you to stay connected to the Lord in these exciting times we live in. Remember He is more concerned with relationship than religion so press into Him and seek His face not His hands.

Waiting for His soon return.
Wayne and Sherry
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