Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mission Possible

Would you like to go on a mission trip without leaving home? Well it is possible for you to do just that. Our friend Pastor Rannie from the Philippines has invited us to do a skype Marriage Conference for 25 Pastors and their wives in October. Here is where you can help be apart of this Mission. The custom in their country is to feed the attendees 3 meals per day. Our conference will last 3 days which is 150 meals per day. The total cost for food will be around $2000. Since we do not have that much money laying around, after much prayer, we sensed the Lord showing us to offer you the opportunity to help provide. If each of you reading this would send $1 or more toward this project the need would be met. If you sense your spirit jumping and saying yes that is what I am to do, please send your offering to Chardon Christian Fellowship, 401 South Hambden St. , Chardon, Ohio 44024. 100% of the money received will go directly toward this ministry. Just mark the envelope Philippine Project.
Thank you so very much for prayerfully considering this need.
We are very excited about our upcoming trip next month to Ukraine. We leave on Sept. 16 and return Oct. 4. The money has been provided for the trip expenses plus the money we needed for the DVD project came in. As I type the Ukrainian brothers are making the over voice copies so we can bring them home with us for production and distribute them by Christmas. One of our translator friends is coming to visit in Oct. and we will hopefully be able to send them back with her to give to the local pastors in Uzghorod. Please pray for us as we prepare to go. We will be doing another Divorce Recovery Seminar, we will also teach at a Bible School both weekends and then the second week we will be ministering in local churches and counseling. The Lord has opened many doors and we are honored to be a part of what He is doing in families in these countries.
Finally please pray for PW's mom. She fell and broke her hip and pelvis 3 weeks ago and is in rehab. We hope to have her home by Thanksgiving but meanwhile she needs prayer for healing. She has osteoporosis and is a slow healer when it comes to her bones.
Blessings to you all,
PW and Sherry
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