Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whats next?

We are so very excited about our next mission trip.  We will be going to the Philippines to the Island of Minandao.. Yes you read that right...but wait....we forgot to tell you that we are also going to be home while there.  How you ask?  Let us tell you.  For the past few years Pastor Rannie Lamento has been asking us to come and has had his whole congregation praying for us to come.  Kind of like the Macedonian call.  We have prayed and waited on the Lord and finally felt it was time so we accepted an invitation to go the last week of January. But we kept feeling a check in our spirits about buying plane tickets so we kept praying.  Then one day on the evening news there was a warning to Americans telling us not to travel to the Philippines hat it was not safe for us. The next day my mom heard another report. We checked at the embassy website in Manila and saw the same warning. Then Rannie wrote and said they had also heard it was not safe. So of course we were questioning whether we had heard correctly so we prayed some more.  That is when God gave us Plan B.  He told us to use the money we would have spent on plane fare to purchase a computer, lcd projector and one years internet for Rannies church.  Praise God. We will now be doing the seminar on skype and this will also allow us to minister to them on a regular basis throughout the year.  God is so wonderful.  Please pray for us as we prepare for these 3 days of ministry.  They are 12 hours ahead of us so we will be up all night preaching and teaching and sleeping all day.  Please pray that the skype connection will be good and that we will not lose the connection or be bogged down or delayed on the video or sound.  We plan to test it out next week when Rannie has the internet installed so that by the time January arrives we should have the kinks worked out.  Have we said already that God is amazing?  Rejoice with us.
Much Love,
PW and Sherry
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