Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9

Praise the Lord for His faithfullness. We have been able to purchase our plane tickets and are now working on the money for Anya and Richards tickets, fees and then our housing in Uzghorod.
We have been invited to come to Zhitomyr Ukraine on the way home to minister. So when we leave Uzghorod we will go there for 2 days to share the word and do some other ministry.
Please pray for us as we begin the preparation of the teachings we will do. We like to freshen them up each time so that they are alive in us.
On the home front, Pastor Bill ,our associate ,is doing a great job growing into his call. It is a great comfort for us to be able to leave the church with capable leadership. Years ago it was prophesied over us that we would be coming and going and that the people would not even notice. We are seeing that coming to pass. He is such a blessing to us and to the body.
We have also received an invitation to minister in Latvia this coming year. There is a bible school there and we will minister for one week on the marriage and family relationships. Most likely this trip will be in either the fall or spring and we will combine it with a side trip to Romania to minister to the church there. They have contacted us also and asked us to come. If the Lord wills we may be going sooner than next fall but we will have to see what His plan is. Please join us in praying about this.
We have also started corresponding with a precious pastor from the Phillipines who found our blog and contacted us. His name is Rannie Lamento and we would ask that you all pray for him and his family and the church that they pastor. We have been mentoring him through the email and have sent several bible study tools etc. for him to grow in his call. It has been so much fun to meet people from all over the world. The family of God knows no boundries. Just think, we will all spend eternity together and some of us may meet for the first time in heaven.
Who said the Christian life is boring? Not us.
Have a blessed Christmas and remember the real reason for the season.
With Love,
Wayne and Sherry

Sunday, November 15, 2009

3/4 the way there

We are almost up to what we need to purchase our plane tickets. This is always the most exciting part of our trip since it is a faith adventure. God has always been so faithful in providing for us when it is His desire for us to go. So we wait on Him to provide the last few dollars needed to purchase the tickets. Please pray with us. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Time is quickly passing and we are getting excited about our upcoming trip to Ukraine. We have confirmed with Richard and Anya that they will go with us to translate. The money is coming in and we have almost enough to order our tickets. We still need around $2000 but are confident that the Lord will provide. He always provides where He guides.
Last week we received an invitation to come to Lativia to minister on the family in a bible school. We will be talking with the leaders there to coordinate that trip.
We have also been corresponding with a brother from the Phillipines and are praying about a possible trip there in the future.
Thank you for checking in to read our updates. It is fun to see where all of you are living. Please drop us a note when you visit our blog.
Blessings to you all as we enter the Holiday season ...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Upcoming MIssion Trip

We have the dates set for our next trip. Lord willing we will be going to Kirovograd Ukraine March 14 - 19 to do a Pastors/Wives marriage seminar with the Church of God Pastors and then we will be traveling back to Uzghorod for a Pastors/Wives marriage seminar with the Methodist Pastors for the week of March 22-26. We will also be doing an evening seminar once again at the Methodist church.
We will be having to bring our own translators with us to Kirovograd so that will be an added expense since we will have to pay for their travel and also their fees.

If you would like to support this trip financially with any size gift, please send it to :

Chardon Christian Fellowship
401 South Hambden Street
Chardon, Ohio 44024

Checks may be made out to Chardon Christian Fellowship and put Pastors travel fund in the subject line. 100 % of the money given is used to pay for travel, housing and translator fees.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we follow the Lords leading for our lives.
You are very much a part of each trip. We could not do what we do without our CCF church family standing behind us and all the faithful supporters who believe that God is sending us.

Blessings, Wayne and Sherry

Monday, September 14, 2009


Dear Friends,
Someone wrote and said we had not said we got home so I figured it would be a good idea to update.
We had a great flight home with no delays and even got terrific seats on the plane. God has been so gracious to us this trip and we have felt quite pampered.
Things at home were good. Pastor Bill took great care of our congregation while we were gone so we came home to things being in order. PTL for that.
It looks like our next trip will be to Ukraine in March. We will be mailing out a full report on what we will be doing and where exactly we will be going. Since coming home we have been contacted by a Bishop with the Church of God in the Central part of the Ukraine and we are working with him trying to set a date to visit his region. We hope to coordinate this upcoming trip with several locations to make the best use of the money that you all give. Please pray for us to hear clearly on what invitations to accept. In these last days we want to make the most of the gifting God has given us and be in the places He wants us to be.
We also wanted to be sure that you all know that our trip to Prague was not paid for out of the mission donations that we received. Our friends Roger and Robin were able to arrange for us to stay at the convent for $50 per night for the two of us and the apt. has a full kitchen, so we don't have to do anything but purchase some groceries and then we walk around and gawk like tourists and rest alot. We love Prague so we save up our allowance money for months to be able to go feast our eyes on this beautiful city.
The reason we bring this up is that there are so many who misuse the monies that are donated for ministry and we want to be fully accountable. We know that many people sacrifice alot so we can go minister in Eastern Europe and so we keep very careful records of how much each aspect of our trip costs and will be happy to share them with you if you ask.
Well have a blessed fall and winter season. We will be in touch soon and let you know the details of our next trip. Keep your eyes on the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who will soon return for His bride.
Grace and Peace
Pastor Wayne and Sherry

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roger and Robin Harsh and family

These are the Harshes who are our missionary friends who live here. They moved here back while the communists still ruled this area. They have given their lives for the people here and have truly become all things to all men that they might win some. They are planning on starting YWAM base here which will minister to families, the homeless and prostitutes. Please pray for them as the field here is ripe unto harvest. They are true evangelists and signs and wonders follow their ministry. They are well respected by the area leaders in Czech and also in the Ukraine and the United States. We have known them for years and they have proven themselves. If you are looking for a missionary to support who will not waste the money invested, they are the ones we would recommend. Please contact us if you would like to take them on. Meanwhile please pray for them each Friday morning because they go to the red light district on Friday nights to reach the young girls who are in the prostitution business. They need much prayer coverage.
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Homelss person

Homeless people can be found all over Prague. Pray for the Harshes as they reach out to them and others to share the gospel.
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Sister Goretti

This is sister Goretti who has just celebrated her 51 st anniversary as a nun. She became a nun during the communist occupation of Prague and had to stay undercover until the walls fell. What a testimony she has of how one has to serve God no matter what the danger. Pray for her as she continues to serve the Lord through mercy ministry. She has a deep love for the Lord and blessed us greatly.
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In front of Golz palace

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Oldest active synagogue in Eastern Europe

This synagogue has been in operation for centuries and is known as the oldest in Eastern Europe.
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Church ceiling

Hopefully you can see the lovely art work on the ceiling of the church above. It was breathtaking in the details that were in the paintings that showed different bible stories in them. This is the same church that the arm hangs in .
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Church Discipline

Ok, now this is an interesting story. In the picture above you can see a dark stick hanging from the ceiling. Actually it is not a stick at all, it is a mumified arm of a thief who was trying to steal something valuable from this church in 1300 something. The priests conferred and decided to cut off his arm and hang it up so others would be aware that thievery does not pay. Now that is church discipline to the extreme.........aren't you glad we don't do that? :>)))))))
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Astronomical Clock

This is a clock that was made in the 1300 or 1400's . It is an amazing work and has mechanical figures of the 12 apostles that come out of the door at the half hour. This clock has worked non stop for centuries. An interesting note of history is that the King at the time did not want anyone else in the world to have this invention so he had the maker killed to ensure that there would never be another one like it. Can you imagine if that was still the practice today? All those computer and i phone guys would be history. :>)))
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Another one of the cemetary

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Prague Jewish Cemetary

Hopefully you can see the tombstones on the top of this wall. The cemetary in the Jewish section is fascinating. Because the Jews were not allowed to bury their dead in other cemetaries in Prague for centuries they had to bury their dead in the one above. There are around 22,000 dead buried in less than a one acre plot. They are buried in stacks of 12 or more. Can you imagine?
Today we visited the Jewish Ghetto in Prague. It was especially meaningful since we had watched Schindlers list last night. Amazing the perspective that one has after watching that film. These people have suffered so much over the centuries at the hands of others.
There is a holocaust museum of sorts behind the cemetary where there are thousands of letters and pictures from children that were made at Terezin Concentration camp not far from here. Most were killed later in Auschwitz so this is the only record that they ever lived. It is touching to say the least.
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prague at night

As you can see (I hope) that Prague is lit up at night and the buildings take on a surreal quality. It is so lovely with all the buildings highlighted. I could not get a good shot of the castle etc., but believe me it is gorgeous.
The city is alive at night with crowds of people sitting in cafes and walking around holding hands, and lovers kissing on the bridge. We went out at 11 and could not believe the people. The sad thing is that with all the fun folks are having if you look closely you can also see the down side. There are many drunks living on the streets with only the clothes on their backs and maybe a bag of belongings. They sleep in the entrances of buildings where there is some shelter. It hit us that these same men were once little boys loved by a set of parents who had dreams for them. How sad that they now have no hope aside from the Lord and live like this. We also so many young girls who are prostitutes walking around trying to pick up men. Little girls in their teens. One young girl particularly hit us with the vacant look in her eyes. We have been told that many of them are with the human traffiking movement going on where they are kidnapped and made sex slaves. Our friends Robin and Roger Harsh are missionaries here and they are going to be focusing on this as they set up their ministry in Prague. Please pray for them and these young ones who are wandering around the streets with no hope. If you are an intercessor, please put this need on your regular prayer sheet and intercede for the girls and the Harshes. Thanks so much.
Blessings, Wayne and Sherry
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is a painting in the convent that captures the city quite well. This kind of view is common.
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Typical sights in the city

Decorated doors like this are common and were carved centuries ago.
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Roof tops

Prague has the most beautiful roof tops in the world. Here is a view through a garden up tothe castle at the top of the hill. Hope you can see it clearly.
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Hi, We arrived safely on Monday but were so tired from the long night of no sleep. We ended up at the airport at 4:30 a.m for our 9:00 a.m. flight. Oh well at least we got there safely. Roger Harsh picked us up at the airport and drove us to the convent. It is the pink building on the right with the rounded windows. It is very old and right in the heart of the city by the St. Charles Bridge. I will put a few more pictures up so you can see some of Prague. We have slept mostly and just spent the time with the Lord. It has been a good rest for us. We did not realize how tired we were. We will be ready to get back to Ministry come Tuesday.
For those of you who don't go to CCF we got a phone call early Tuesday morning telling us that our dear Mrs. Bath went home to be with the Lord. She was 95 and has been in our church since before we came 23 1/2 yrs ago. We are going to miss her very much. Unfortunately we will not be able to be home for her funeral but Pastor Bill will do the funeral and we are sure will do a great job. We have sent a eulogy to be read at the service for her. Please keep her children and grandchildren in prayer. She prayed with us before we left on this trip and asked God to her pastor and wife for his glory. Oh how we treasure that time of prayer with her.
Bless you all, Wayne and Sherry
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pastor presenting the child to God

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Gypsy dedicating their child

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Gypsy Pastor and family

Well here we are at the final day of ministry. It has been great. The gypsy people are so warm and loving and we were blessed to meet with them. The day started with a time of ministry just to the leaders. Wayne taught on 9 Essentials for Leadership and it was excellent if I do say so myself. One to the problems they deal with is faithfullness so this teaching addressed that in a loving way but got the point across. Afterward the service started and we worshiped for 1 1/2 hour and then had child dedication and testimonies and birthday celebration and then Wayne preached on Storms of Life. There was such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit in the service. At one point everyone fell to their knees and just prayed. Several were crying. It was one of those God things that you just did not want to end. At the end of the service we got to pray for over 30 people who came up. We have been invited to come back in March.
We are waiting for Richard and Anya to arrive and then we will try to get a few hours of sleep. It will be a long day of travel tomorrow.
We will try to update in Prague but do not know if we will have internet access so if you don't hear from us next week you will know why.
Once again thank you for your prayers, financial support and for allowing us to come. You have been a very real part of our ministry over here.
With Love,
Wayne and Sherry
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Krisiti and Fila and Baby Nadia

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Yesterday was very busy so I was not able to write. We started counseling at 10 a.m. and at 9:15 we finally finished. Then to our delight Kristi and Fila droppped in for a visit. They stayed until after 11 so I was too tired to blog. Anyway, we had 4 couples and 4 singles who came to talk. Most wanted help with problems they were dealing with and one couple wanted to talk about our ministry and find out how we knew we were called to marriage ministry. They have been married 19 yrs. and their pastor has asked them to counsel the couples at their church and to train them in marriage. They also wanted us to come to their church and do a seminar. They live in the eastern part of Ukraine near the Russian border. We also met with a man who was going to divorce his wife when he got home because she was a lost person and yelled at him all the time. He has a 7 yr. old daughter also. We met with him for 3 hours and shared scripture with him on his responsibility to stay in the marriage since his lost wife does not want a divorce. We talked about the need for his little girl to have his protection and care and talked about how he was a positive influence in the home to his wife and that what if she was on the brink of salv. and he left now and missed the opportunity. By the time he left, he agreed to stay in the marriage and work on his walk with God. One other couple said that they have been to many marriage seminars but ours was the best by far because it was straight from the bible and very practical. We praise God for the grace He has given us to do this and know without a doubt that we have nothing to offer except what He gives us.
Today we started at 10 meeting with the young woman above. I will not give you her name because of her circumstance, but her husband was a pastor and left her for another woman last year. Her story is very heartbreaking because he left her with 2 children and no money. She is battling with the emotions that come from such a betrayal and wanted to ask for help. We met with her until 3 and then went and ate and came home to take a nap.
We will pack up tonight because tomorrow is going to be very busy also. We will go at 2 to meet with the gypsy pastor and his wife and then meet with their leaders to do some training. Afterward we will preach at the gypsy church at 5 (that is when they meet since gypsy people don't go out in the mornings). Richard and Anya are coming for a visit when we return in the evening and then the driver will pick us up at 2 a.m. to take us to the airport in Slovakia for our 9 a.m. flight to Prague. We have to leave so early because the borders have long lines on the weekends and you might have to wait up to 3 or 4 hours to pass through. Can you imagine living like this all the time? It is crazy. The border guards will stand and just look at the people and do nothing but make them wait sometimes for 20 mins or more then they look at your papers and let you drive for 20 ft. and make you stop again and go through the process again. It is a leftover soviet practice. Very maddening, but the people here are very patient and just wait quietly without annoyance. Such is life in the former Soviet countries.
Please continue to pray for us over the next few days as we finish up our mission here. We will try to post pictures from the gypsy church tomorrow night. Starting monday we will be on vacation officially in the Czech Republic and hope to get a good rest and time with the Lord to be refreshed. Please pray for us as we go.
Thank you all for your faithful support, for your comments and for your prayers. You are all a blessing to us.
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wayne and Pastor Sergei

Please be sure to see all the pictures which are under older posts, apparently my blog page only holds so many pictures per page and I have posted quite a few today.
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This is one of our brothers in the Lord named Takhere. He is a former muslim and came to the Lord after having a vision of Jesus. He is a precious man with a gentle spirit and a desire to see muslims come to Jesus. He says God called him to be single so that he would be willing to go to places where his life was at risk just to reach the muslims. Please pray for him.
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Wayne, Sherry and Tanya

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Some more brothers and sister of ours

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Oxana our translator

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