Friday, August 28, 2009

Prague Jewish Cemetary

Hopefully you can see the tombstones on the top of this wall. The cemetary in the Jewish section is fascinating. Because the Jews were not allowed to bury their dead in other cemetaries in Prague for centuries they had to bury their dead in the one above. There are around 22,000 dead buried in less than a one acre plot. They are buried in stacks of 12 or more. Can you imagine?
Today we visited the Jewish Ghetto in Prague. It was especially meaningful since we had watched Schindlers list last night. Amazing the perspective that one has after watching that film. These people have suffered so much over the centuries at the hands of others.
There is a holocaust museum of sorts behind the cemetary where there are thousands of letters and pictures from children that were made at Terezin Concentration camp not far from here. Most were killed later in Auschwitz so this is the only record that they ever lived. It is touching to say the least.
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