Monday, August 17, 2009


Today has been good. We started this morning at 10 with our teachings. We have around 30 people which is a good group. Small enough to get to know them but large enough to make the room look full. We have already lined up 3 counseling appointments. Please pray for us as we meet with these people. The cultural differences make counseling a special challenge at times. One man is a pastor and his wife is not here because their problems are so serious that she would not come. He wants to meet with us. Tomorrow 3 more couples are scheduled to come. We taught on purpose of marriage, and the meaning of biblical love and the differences between men and women today.
We also are in our apt. finally. It is great to unpack and feel like we have a home. Tomorrow will be very busy since we start the evening seminar at the Methodist church. We will have dinner with Pastor Sergei and Esther first and then teach until 9.
There is a group here from Germany who come several times a year to work in the hospital with the abandoned babies. They come and hold them, pray over them and just love on them for a week or more. Anyone want to come help with this needed ministry? Let us know and you can come in March with us. We will be collecting baby clothes and disposable diapers for this ministry also. More in formation when we get home.
God bless you all and thank you for your prayer support. It really makes a difference.
Pastor Wayne and Sherry

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Lisa said...

Glad for the updates. Praying for you and those you are ministering to.

Love, Lisa

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