Saturday, August 15, 2009


We had a great travel day and the Lord graced us with Exit row seats so we had plenty of leg room. There were no problems or delays at all. Our new driver picked us up in Kosice and was very nice. He and his wife are not believers but decided to give us a discount on the drive and gave us money back in Hrivna. That was an added blessing.
We have learned over the years coming here to be very flexible. Good thing. Our apt. was occupied with Belgians who had wanted to stay an extra day so instead of telling them they would have to move since the room was rented, they put us in another room. :>)))) Oh well the bed in the other room worked. We are supposed to be moved this afternoon. Time will tell. We will spend today with Richard and Anya. Can't wait to see them. Things here at Nehemiah continue to get better. They are filled up with people and also have found much favor in the area so the ministry side is blossoming. PTL.
Wayne will be preaching two times tomorrow and then Monday we will teach all day and evening. They have added a day of teaching next Sat. as well for the gypsy pastors. So we will not have much free time this visit. Please pray for stamina for us. Thanks so much.
Blessings, Wayne and Sherry

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