Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Three

Praise the Lord that our counseling went well today. We spent 2 hours with the couple and they seemed to respond well to the advice we gave them.
Today was the second day of our seminar. The Lord was gracious and everyone was able to come so the seats all were full. Sherry taught on the Role of the Wife and then PW taught on Causes of conflict and the Differences of Men and Woman. We laughed so much today that the time just flew by. One lady got so tickled with the teaching on the differences that she literally put her head down on the desk and howled. Every time she got control she would think about it again and start laughing all over. It was very funny. This group of people is very interactive so they not only laugh, they talk to you while you teach which makes it very easy to share the word. They also lean forward and take notes. All in all it has been very fruitful and fun.
The sun is shining here today and we are hoping that the weather will improve for the rest of the week. We cannot post pictures yet since we are using a land line but as soon as we arrive in Uzghorod we will post the pictures of your brothers and sisters here in Kirovograd.
Thanks for all the comments. It is encouraging to us. Have a blessed day.
With love, Wayne and Sherry


Anonymous said...

ty 4 your update. It is uplifting to hear about our prayers being answered. Just to remind u, Sharon Haynes is having surgery right now as I type. Bill and I went and prayed with her last night. Keep her in your prayers. They're operating on her back, it's suppose to alleviate pain.

Love and continued prayer 4 God's blessings on u.
Wm. & Edith

Lisa said...

Praise God! I know how you love the interaction when you are teaching. I'm so happy this is a fruitful and enjoyable time for you guys.

Michigan Bridge Ministry said...

There's no doubt that you two have a wonderful gift to inspire laughter. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Many blessings precede and proceed your every step to the glory of King Jesus. Seeds planted for marriages restored, reignited, fanned, and encouraged. Have lots of fun as the Holy Spirit leads you and God is proclaimed. much love...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Wayne & Sherry,
We love and miss you both very much. I think by the sounds of it those people over there are learning what we here in America already know! You guys are an awesome gift from God. They are very fortunate to have you there. Looking forward to seeing you both soon. Praying for good health, wisdom and relaxation for you guys.
Sincerely with LOVE
Todd and Regina Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Wayne and Sherry,
Sounds like those people over there are discovring what we here in America already know! You are both an awesome gift from God. Missing you and praying you have good health, wisdom and relaxtion.

Love Todd and Regina Smith

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