Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunday and Monday

Inside the pavilion
Saying goodbye is always bittersweet for us since we so love the people of Ukraine, but God has also called us to serve Him in Chardon Ohio and we also love them so we will return to our assigned post with joy and expectation.  We really are torn between two continents. Our time at Nehemiah is always so special.  Vasiko and Tanya and their team are doing a wonderful job at providing a place for Gods people to come and be trained.  They are also opening up many opportunities for lost people to come and hear the gospel through seminars that address topics of interest, and also English camps and recently working with the social department to provide training for Foster parents. 
 This is the new pavilion that Vasiko has built on the grounds at Nehemiah Center.  It will be used for an outdoor restaurant and also for some of the seminars. 

Back patio of Nehemiah Center

The line at the Ukrainian and Slovakian border
PW actually got out and talked to the motorcycle owners
who spoke English.  He showed them pictures of his cylce and had
a great time passing the 3 hours wait at the border.

A street in Kosice Slovakia

  We love the church spires that pop out of trees all over Europe.  This is Kosice, our favorite city after Prague.  We usually spend the night here before we fly out to come home. It is always relaxing and fun for us.  PW has his favorite Pizza parlour here and an ice cream shop which we always visit.   :>)

A park in Kosice with a dancing fountain

PW sharing a park bench with
some locals. 

 Click on this picture and you will see the fountain and 3 little boys watching. On Sunday afternoons families gather in these parks and just sit and visit and drink coffees or eat ice cream. It is a lovely tradition that we like to take part in. Close your eyes and imagine the sound of lovely music playing, water splashing and children laughing and people talking.  Now you have experienced a Sunday in the park..

This is the cathedral that
is in the center of the park.  You can see all the
lovely work that was put into building it. 

We arrived home in Cleveland around 6. We had been up for 24 hours and were quite tired, but it was a good day of travel with no problems.  All of our flights were on time, the service was excellent and our luggage arrived home with us Praise the Lord.

We want to thank all of you for your faithful prayers and support during this trip.  God was honored and many seeds were planted for the souls of men and women through the preaching of the word and saints were equipped to minister to their families.  It is an honor to serve Him and we do not take the responsibility lightly by any means. 

Please be in prayer for us for our next mission trip which, Lord willing, will be the last week of  January 2013 when we hope to go to the Philippines to minister to Pastors and Wives there.  We have been praying about this for several years and our friend Pastor Rannie Lamento invited us to come for this time.  We will be sending out a newsletter soon giving more details.  If you would like to be put on our mailing list, please send us an email at ccfchardon@gmail.net  requesting to be put on the list.  

Grace and Peace
With much love,
PW and Sherry
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