Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We have arrived

We arrived at our home away from home about 2 hours ago.  The trip was very tiring but we are now in a cool room and ready to rest and hopefully feel human again tomorrow.

The drive from the airport in Kosice, Slovakia was wonderful. We had a great driver who was careful and pointed out the sites on the way. Of course he did not speak english so it was fun to play charades and hope we understood each other.  The villages are Sherry's favorites. Each little home has a garden on their plot of land. They grow mainly cabbage, onions, potatoes, beets, carrots and other root vegetables, but always have room for lettuce,radishes, tomatoes and green onions.  I always get inspired when I see these little homes.  Some have chickens or other animals and always lots of flowers and fruit trees. It is lovely and reminds me of my grandma who grew up in Yugoslavia. 

After we arrived we went to get dinner and topped it off with a real ice cream eskimo pie. Remember how they used to taste?  Well they still taste that good over here. Real cream...yummm.. So far today we had real apple streudal like grandma made and real ice cream. A great way to start a ministry time.  Of course the splurging ends tonight and tomorrow we begin to eat healthy again. 

Please pray that the next 3 days we get plenty of rest so we are prepared spiritually for our ministry times.
With Love,
PW and Sherry

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Lisa said...

Glad you had a nice drive. Sounds lovely. :) I didn't know Sherry's grandmother grew up in Yugoslavia. Of course, Andre's dad grew up there too. Praying for good rest and God's anointing on your ministry.


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