Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Today started off much better than yesterday. I asked the Lord to wake me by 6:30 if I was rested enough and so He woke me up but it was 6:10.  That gave me and extra hour to prepare for our first class at 8:15.  Did I mention I am not a morning person?  So 3 cups of coffee and a wonderful time with the Lord and I was good to go.  I had the first class and then PW taught the rest of the day so I could meet with a young woman from our class last year. It is always good to catch up and hear all the Lord is doing in the lives of those you have taught.

Sometimes you just have to give a visual of what you are trying to say to make a point.  LOL. Can you guess what I am doing?

After our first two morning classes we had the joy of going to chapel and hearing a group of students from Sweden. The blessings was they sang and spoke in English so we were able to participate better than with a translator.  

Here is one of the Swedish students preaching with Klaus translating.  

The weather here has been very similar to that of home in that it is cold and rainy and rather gloomy.  It is a good excuse to stay indoors. We are hoping for a few sunny warm days before we leave for home which would be wonderful so we could go out and walk.

Please continue to pray for PW. His back continues to cramp up and give him trouble, but God's grace is sufficient.

Our moms are doing well and we want to thank those of you who are reaching out to them and keeping them busy until we get home. It does make the time go faster for them and gives us a sense of peace knowing they are enjoying themselves.

We both sensed an impartation of life to the students today. We are so thankful for all of your prayers on their behalf and ours.  God is hearing and answering.

We are very excited to see what God will do tomorrow.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

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Anonymous said...

It is I, in Memphis, again! Loved the photos! Praying for continued life in the teaching!

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