Tuesday, April 19, 2016


What were they thinking scheduling a class at 8:15 in the morning? Didn't they know that I am NOT a morning person?  Didn't they know I NEED my coffee and quiet for at least an hour before I interact with people?  Didn't they know that I CAN'T think before 10?  Well the answer to all of the above is NO they did not know and probably did not care. LOL

The one I have learned on the mission field is that Gods grace is sufficient and He makes a way. So we stepped out in faith this morning and trusted God to do what He does best, speak to His children, even crabby ones like Sherry.

We started at 8:25 and ended at 5 today.  After class we walked to the store a few blocks from her to pick up our dinner and met two of our students so spent a few minutes talking with them. Tomorrow we do not have as many sessions since two days a week local teachers come to teach on going classes,  but we do start at 8:15 again.  Please pray for me, Sherry, that I will be awake enough to communicate the subject.  We will deal with Getting to the heart tomorrow. It is a powerful teaching that PW does.  

Would you also pray that Sherry will have just the right role plays for Fridays classes.  They are fun and we like them to be practical so that the students are able to practice what they have learned.

Here are some pictures from today.  

 This is Mauro and Yulia Martinez.  Mauro is the School administrator and his wife is a translator.
 You can see Sherry is not quite awake.  But at least you can see she is here in Latvia with PW.

 Wayne teaching.  The wall came in handy as a resting spot when his back would get tired. 
Students enjoying a game of Uno after dinner.  

Much love to you all, 
PW and Sherry

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Anonymous said...

The "United States" in the live feed is MH here in Memphis..... Loved the pictures, especially Sherry in the morning!!!!! :-)

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