Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hello, this has been a long long day.  PW got up at 4 to spend time preparing for our classes which start at 8:15.  He had three classes, I had one plus the group time and I also was given the privilege to speak in the Chapel today.  We had several meetings with students and then after a quick dinner, we went to Riga where PW preached at a prayer meeting in one of the Churches there.  We just got home and it is after 10.  I am going to try to fulfill my promise to post pictures.

Erland and Veronika are former students of ours and they surprised us last night with their new baby and candies for us to enjoy.  They were telling us that today their Church was doing an outreach at a school in their town, they were passing out Operation Christmas Child boxes and presenting the gospel.  They have had several other outreaches since Christmas passing out the boxes (over 400) and many have come to Christ as a result. They preach the gospel at each event.  It is exciting to know that we as a Church have a small part in sending these boxes to children all over the world but most important to us is that each time a child is given a box, the gospel is preached to them.  So we encourage Christians everywhere to participate in this important ministry.

Sherry preaching in chapel

I forgot to add that we fit in a walk to the lake across from the school in a lovely park

Wayne does not like the cold at all.  It was 15 centigrade, around 50F ? One would think he was expecting snow. Really Wayne????????

Birch trees are everywhere and so pretty

This is Natalia, she works in the office, supervises students, is a dorm mom, and translates teachings into Russian and teaches a course at the school. She is invaluable in her ministry. 

This is Wayne preaching at the Church tonight.  We gave them greetings from our Church and also from Pastor Rannie Lamento in the Philippines who is praying for us this week and sent greetings. 

Tomorrow is our last day of classes and we will be saying goodbye to our students.  IT is always a bittersweet ending to our time here.  

Please continue to keep PW in prayer, his legs are starting to hurt again.  We will once again ask for prayer tomorrow.  There is a definite battle going on. 

It has been a blessed day for sure.  Our time here this year  has been challenging for us physically, but spiritually we are seeing fruit that only God could produce and we are understanding why there has been such an attack against PW's body.  We win.. PTL.

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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