Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Today has been quite busy. We had classes all day so have not had much free time.  What we are noticing is that as the students listen to the teaching of the word and get to know us, that the Holy Spirit is targeting areas of their lives and so they are coming to us and wanting to talk. We praise God the privilege he has given us to speak into their lives. We do not take this lightly and are trusting God to bring lasting change.  Last night PW was out with 2 of the men that he had been ministering to and I was just getting ready to sit down to dinner and one of the girls knocked on the door and wanted to talk.  I love getting to know these students.  Of course I cannot share their stories because they are very personal, but God is definitely at work.

We are making disciples and teaching them to obey whatever Jesus commanded.   Disciple making is a new concept in Latvia, even though the Churches are very diligent to encourage prayer and bible reading.  However there is a huge shift taking place.

I had the joy of having coffee with two missionary ladies yesterday in between classes.  Both have been here from the States for over 17 yrs.  I felt like I had known them forever. I guess its like that when we meet family.  :>))))

I forgot to take pictures during class so here are some that I snapped in the evening. I promise to do a better job today.

This is the primary form of transportation for some of the students

These two students at their music theory class

The teacher and another student 

The thing that always amazes us is how serious these young people are about their walk with God.  In the evenings they have prayer meetings in the chapel that last for hours and you can hear them crying out to God in intercession.  They love to pray and are truly seeking God.  

We have another busy day today and I will write about it later. 
Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting group with which to minister! Thank you for sharing the great work God is doing in their midst with you guys. It is so encouraging! May we be found so faithful. Love you! M.

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