Sunday, April 24, 2016

Every tongue and tribe will praise Him

We are sitting in our apartment listening to the rain beat down on the window.  I have to admit it is rather cozy feeling and the perfect back drop for a Sunday afternoon nap.  Our day is almost over here so we have already been to Worship service.  I was thinking of how the bible talks about every tongue and tribe will praise Him.  Listening to the worship in other languages and knowing God is being worshiped is an awesome experience.   Our friends here speak 3 or 4 languages each, and fluently I might add.   We have trouble with the one we speak.  LOL

Today we ministered at the Salvation Russian Church in Jelgava.
The Church is an old time Pentecostal Church and very traditional in one sense. Many of the women wear head coverings and no makeup.  The younger women have not adopted this custom though.  The service started with a few traditional hymns led by an older sister, followed by a brother who shared a scripture from Romans 15:3 and then expounded on it for about 15 minutes.

This was followed by the choir  and worship team singing
The harmony was incredible and we were able to truly enter into worship.
They had chosen several songs we knew. King of Kings, and then Sing Hallelujah, that always helps.

Then they prayed for the children.  

Then PW preached from Mark 6:45-52 about Jesus in the storms of life and how he gets in the boat with us.

After the offering then Danny got up and preached and confirmed the things that PW had preached.
So that made 3 sermons in one service. How many of us would sit through that and actually listen and enjoy without looking at your watch?  This is normal here.  The people are hungry for the truth of Gods word.  You should hear them pray.  Oh my, it is beautiful as they all pray at the same time crying out to God for whatever is on their hearts.  The Church was almost full for the pre service prayer time.

The culture of this Church is similar to the Czechs, while you preach they show no emotion or response and one would think the message is falling on deaf ears.  Until the invitation at the end when you can see the fruit of your preaching as they come down the aisles for prayer and repentance. Many were crying and we had the privilege of praying with them.

After service we were blessed to eat a delicious mean prepared by one of the ladies of the Church.
It has been a good day all in all.

Here are some of the houses that the communists built which now surround the Church.

Tomorrow we begin week 2 of our teaching. Please pray for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to have his anointing as we teach. Pray for the students hearts to be open and for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  We have already had some testimonies from some about how as we taught the Lord was pinpointing things in their lives that needed to change.  All glory and honor to Him who is the Wonderful Counselor.

Pray also for our moms and family. The final days of our trips are always the longest to them.

Much love,
PW and Sherry

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