Monday, April 18, 2016


We arrived at the school today around 11:15 in time for our first class at 11:30. We always love the first day since we get to meet the students we have prayed for all year. We were not disappointed in the least.  We have 29 students most under 28 years old.     Today was a short day since we only had 3 classes but that was a blessings since we had to get settled into our apt. and do some grocery shopping. One sure does not want to be hungry while working.  LOL

Here are  a few pictures from today.

 Wayne teaching with a former student named Klaus translating

 Part of the class

 The other part of the class

If you have ever been to a Eastern European country you understand this sign perfectly.

Sorry but a picture is worth a thousand words.  LOL

PW's back is still sore but better than yesterday and so we are praising God for that.  Please continue to pray. Having done all we stand and wait for God to finish the healing work. 

Tomorrow our day starts early. Our first class is at 8:45.  I will find an excuse to not be there that early, but PW will teach anyway so that is fine.  Actually I will be working on next weeks role play counseling assignments.  This is always fun since we get to see how much they learned by actually putting them in a counselor role to see how they do.  Pray for us to use the right role plays for this particular class.

We have already scheduled several appts. this week with students from last years class. It is always a blessing to reconnect with those we spent time disciplining.  Please pray for these times to be filled with life and hope. 

I promise you that I am here and will post some pictures to prove it tomorrow.  At least that is if I can get PW to take a few.  

We still have a bit of jet lag so are off to bed early.  Hopefully the posts will be more inspired as the week progresses. 

Jen, only 13 days left.  

Much love, 
PW and Sherry

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