Sunday, April 17, 2016


Well today was our last day of rest and tomorrow we start working.   Below is the view from our window. As you can see there is not much to see.

We did attend service this morning at Gateway in South lake Texas and then again at CCF via Facebook Messenger. It was fun to see our peeps and watch them worship. The sound connection was weak so the music and the sermon kept going in and out but we stayed the course and felt like we were at home.   PB we will listen to the sermon online later on.  

When service was over the prayer team met in PW's office and called us and prayed for PW's back.  There are no words to describe how much this ministered to us both.  It is wonderful to be covered in prayer by folks who believe God heals and who will stand in the gap for us while we are gone.  We love our Church family so much and miss them. 

We did venture out in the mist for dinner.  Can you guess who chose the place we ate tonight?  

This Pizza is called a diablo and has kick to it. The olives had the seeds in them. Found out the hard way. LOL
 Even in a beautiful city like Riga you will find graffiti on some of these old wood buildings.  
 This building was on the way to our dinner and we found it interesting. 
 Same building with a Buddha like idol on the top of the door. 
And then on the same building was a masons symbol. I guess they could not decide who was going to use the building. 
I was so proud of PW, he walked 12 flights of stairs each day. You can see how short the steps risers are which makes you work a bit harder.  Talk about an aerobic workout. There was an elevator but we needed the exercise more.  

We will be picked up by our driver tomorrow at 10 to go to the Baltic School of ministry where we will be ministering for the next 14 days.  We will have 3 hours of teaching tomorrow and then start on Tuesday at 8:45 til 5.  Please keep us in prayer.  We are asking for life to be given not just facts.  It would be a total waste of time if all we did was give them more stuff to fill their heads.  Our hearts desire is that the Holy Spirit will pinpoint areas in their lives where they need to experience freedom and that He will speak to them in special ways.  Life life and more life.  

Much love to you all,
PW and Sherry

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