Saturday, April 16, 2016

A lazy day

Today has been a lazy day.  Between the jet lag and PW being in pain and the rain, we have stayed indoors and napped and studied and generally just allowed our bodies to refresh so we are ready to teach on Monday.    Exciting huh?

We did have one special thing happen though, we went down to dinner in the Hotel restaurant and sat at a two seater table and a few minutes later another couple were seated not even 1 foot from our table.  After they overheard us talking for a few minutes the man said "excuse me, I could not help but hear that you speak English" and then we proceeded to get to know each other sharing our stories and what we do for livings etc.   Dave and Jane are from England and were here for a holiday for 3 days and wanted to tell us all about Riga which then led to other places they have visited and talking about Jane and her stroke and the problem with Socialized medicine etc etc etc.  They were delightful.  Felt like old friends. We solved all the problems in our respective countries, wished each other a good trip home and said good bye.  That is one of the joys we have when we travel, meeting folks from around the world and finding common ground.  Please pray for them since they do not know the Lord but seeds were planted.

Tomorrow we will worship via the internet and spend the day in study since Monday our intensive schedule begins. We will post the specific teaching schedule when we get it.  

Praying for all of you as you gather to worship tomorrow.  Go with expectant hearts and watch what God will do in your lives.  HIs Spirit is doing marvelous things in this day and age and we long for each of you to experience the fullness of all He has for you.

Please continue to pray for PW's healing.

Grace and Peace and Much love,
PW and Sherry

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