Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kamakazi Mosquitos and Glory from God

We have had an interesting two days. First of all Monday night there were horrendous storms that came through with high winds, lots of lightining and thunder and cooler temperatures. But mosquitos come with it. They are huge and black and sting like fire. They like to dive bomb you, like Kamakazi Pilots, while you sleep and are unsuspecting. So it was a restless few nights. This morning Wed. we woke up to no power and no water. Have you ever tried to wash up with only a tea kettle full of water? Well I am here to tell you that it is possible. As I was getting ready to take the cold water out of the fridge to wash our hair, the power thankfully came on. So that is the human side of this journey.
Now for the good stuff. Yesterday was an intensive day of ministry but God showed up and blessed in such a mighty way. In the morning sessions Wayne taught on Sources of conflict. We broke for lunch which was busy also as we met with a young couple. Then in the afternoon we had workshops. The first one was on the Process of change. The second one was on the Role of the Wife. In the evening Sherry taught on Biblical Communication and Resolving conflict and then had an hour and a half with the singles who were attending the seminar. She taught them on questions to ask before you consider a serious relationship with someone. They had tons of questions and we ended with prayer for each one. We ended the day counseling another young couple and did not finish up until almost 11 p.m.
Today has been one where we have felt the presence and anointing of God all day. This group of people are so hungry and full of life that it is pure joy to minister to them. It is energizing. Wayne taught on the Role of the Man and then the afternoon sessions have been something else. We had what was suppossed to be a Q and A session for one hour. Almost 2 hours later, because they were so excited, we finished and then moved on to the next workshop which was on Biblical Finances. The people were so excited and interested, and had tons of questions. The actual teaching took 40 mins, then we worked on making a budget and then the people started with the questions. They would not let us stop. So we finished 5 minutes before dinner. At the moment Wayne is teaching on the Peace and Joy principle from Joe Propris book and then I will go down and we will start teaching on the parenting part of the seminar.
Our schedule is also getting very full. We have added a meeting with a local pastor on Friday night and a night of ministry on Sat. where we will minister to the young families at two Methodist churches and have a picnic.Next week we will be doing 3 youth ministry nights and a night of ministry and fellowship with a team of people who are working with students. Oh and don't forget Sunday we will be ministering at a local church and most likely our daytimes will fill up before the week is over. That is the way it works over here. We love it though. I will finish posting in the morning and hope to post pictures also. Blessings and thanks for all the prayers. It is making a huge difference it the lives of these people.

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Lisa said...

Wow!! What an exciting time! It must just fill your hearts up to overflowing to see the people so hungry for God's Word and His principles for living.

I will pray that God sustains you both as you keep up this busy schedule and also that you sleep soundly each night without any surprise mosquito attacks!!

Love, Lisa

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