Thursday, August 12, 2010

Safe Arrival

We arrived safely and on time. Of course as with any trip there were a few unexpected things. The ticket agent at Cleve. Hopkins mislabeled our luggage so when we arrived in Kosice yesterday our luggage did not. Somehow it had ended up in Vienna. We have always wanted to see Vienna. But it looks like we will have to do it vicariously through our suitcases. :>))) Anyway to make along story short mine came in an hour later on a different flight so the driver said he would wait with us, Waynes however did not arrive until midnight so today he will have to get to the border where the delivery person from the airport will meet him and the exchange will take place. Sounds like some kind of espionage or something.
Our apt. was ready so at least we could settle in and have a good restful evening. Vasiko and Tanya met us at the door so it was like coming home. I wish you could all see this lovely facility. It was a gift from an American donor so it is very comfortable and modern. We are truly blessed to be able to stay here.
We have 28 coming to our seminar. Perfect number for us to be able to get to know the attendees. Please pray for them as they travel and pray specifically that each one will encounter God while here with us. Thanks for the prayers.

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Lisa said...

How wonderful to be staying in such a nice facility. I have always wanted to see Vienna too -- I don't think luggage counts!!

We are heading down to Kentucky tonight. We're going to the Creation Museum, Newport Aquarium, and visiting with my sister and her family.

I'm really looking forward to the mini vacation but hate leaving this week. I wanted to be there to support Pastor Bill.

I'll check your blog when I get back and catch up on all that is going on. In the meantime I'll be praying for you guys every day.

Andrew's blood work all came back good. Praise God!! He had his endoscopy today and that looked good as well. We're so thankful. Now we just have to find out what foods he is intolerant of and what he CAN eat so he'll stop losing weight.

God has given me so much peace through this. I didn't have any fear at all!!! My natural self would have feared terribly. This is definitely God's grace at work in me. :) There's no substitute for getting God's Word down deep in in our hearts. It really is powerful and effective!

Love you both,
Love, Lisa

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