Sunday, August 15, 2010

Divine Diversity

Our first day of official ministry has ended and we as usual stand in awe of our precious Lord and His wisdom. We spent the day with our Methodist Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The one thing that stood out to us is the fact that these are serious Christ followers. Their traditions and style of worship are very different from our own church, but still very real and from the heart. God is His wisdom uses diversity to reach all those He has called to Himself.
Wayne preached the morning service at the Uzghorod Methodist Church and the evening service at the Kamyanista Methodist church. Both services were crowded and the people were hungry for the word. We have ministered in both churches in the past and have enjoyed the people very much. Each time we are in the Uzghorod church the Lord prompts Wayne to preach on unity, and this time was no exception. He preached a powerful sermon from Psalm 133 and John 13:34. This particular church has a special call on them to bring the body of Christ in Uzghorod together. The pastor they have had for over 9 years has just moved to America but while he was in Uzghorod he was used of the Lord to bring much unity. In the evening service Wayne preached on choices. The church in the village has many young people and so this message was timely for them. Each church has services almost every night and all of them are well attended. The people love to get together and worship and study. PTL for His amazing work.
After the evening service Pastor Vasili and Alya his wife prepared us a dinner of blinskies and watermelon. We must have eaten at least 10 blinskies each. They are a flat pancake which is very thin and you fill them with either jam, meat, cheese or honey. They are delicous.
We were going to post some pictures today but when we arrived home we realized the camera was still in the Pastors van, so the pictures will be posted at a later date. Hopefully before the week is over.
We start our seminar today sometime. Ukranians are not as detailed as we are so we are not sure of the time yet, but people are starting to arrive by train and car. We will have 14 couples attending from out of town if they all arrive. We will let you know this evening when we post of the days happenings.
Please continue to pray for safety for us as we travel by van to different places in the area. The drivers all want to race in the Grand Prix and use our travel to destinations as their qualifying runs. This of course is a tongue in cheek way of saying they drive like mad men.
Blessings and Love, Wayne and Sherry

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Lisa said...

How wonderful that the churches are full of worshipers every night. Praise God!

I'd love to hear of the differences in our worship styles.

We'll keep praying for safe travels for you. ;)

Love, Lisa

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