Sunday, August 22, 2010

The favor of God

Worship team
The congregation

Wayne and Sherry with Pastor Edik Opalenik and Erzhika and son

This morning we preached at Ediks church and Wayne preached under a heavy anointing about what it means to Walk in the Spirit.
One young person told us he made 3 pages of notes on the sermon and that he was going to be sure to bring his friends to the youth meeting tomorrow night where Wayne and I will be speaking. It is amazing to us how God is giving us favor this trip. Every place we have spoken has been to hungry people who can't seem to get enough truth. Only God could do this. We give him all the glory and praise.
After service Edik took us to a lovely resturaunt for a lunch of lamb smothered in a sour cream sauce. We discussed the Bible School that we will be teaching this coming March and planned the topics and times etc.
We got home at 3;45 and had to leave again at 4 to minister to the gypsy church.
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Lisa said...

I pray that the church in America, and in Chardon in particular, will become this hungry for the Lord and His Word.

Pastor Bill preached a wonderful sermon this morning about the nation of Israel. He encouraged us to look at God's fulfillment of prophecy and to remember that God's plans WILL be fulfilled.

It was very encouraging. He is such a gifted teacher. We miss you dearly but you have left us in good hands!

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