Friday, August 13, 2010

Bags Borders Bureaucracy Blessing

How do you like the title? It describes in a nutshell Wayne's experience today trying to get his bag across the border. First of all he was at the border but it turned out the airline told him to go to the wrong border. Somehow he managed to call the driver who was bringing the bag and found out where to go. So he and his translator got in the cab and drove over 20 miles to the pedestrian border and the stern matron at the border refused to allow Wayne to cross, meanwhile the guy with the bag was on the other side and they refused to allow him to cross, so here they are both trying to reason with the border patrol (Bureaucracy). After a lengthy discussion with the woman who kept saying no no no.....the captain came over and asked Wayne what the problem was and he also said no after Wayne explained. So Wayne who is jet lagged and had lost his American patience by this time said politely but firmly....I would think you would want to cooperate with a guy who just wants to spend some money in your country? Well with that the man relented and found a woman on the other side and said she could bring the bag across. So the blessing in all of this besides the fact that he took a translator with him is that we now have said bag and are happily using the items within.
Have a blessed day.


CCF said...

So glad dad now has clean unmentionables....

Lisa said...

Wow! It's like in a movie! Money talks, I guess. ;)

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