Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to prepare a pig on a Saturday morning

We visited this transitional house for orphans on Saturday and while there they brought in this pig and put it on the table, then began to cut it up into serving sizes to freeze. The couple is Vascy and Maria his wife who oversee the work at the home. It was a great day of fellowship with them and the pig :>))))) How would you like to have to do this on your kitchen table ladies?
We also spent time with Pastor Vadeem and his wife, his church sponsors this home. Actually it is a working farm and when the children come to them, they teach them life skills and how to take care of themselves. The home houses 20 children and they stay for one year. Most of the girls arrive and look like boys and have to be taught how to be women. It is a very sad part of the life over here. But praise the Lord for the body of Christ who has risen up and started such places to minister to these precious kids. Most come to faith and become active in a local church and go on to live a full life with promise.
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Lisa said...

What an awesome thing they are doing taking in all those children!

Love the pig pictures! Actually, Andre does butcher deer right on my kitchen counters. THANKFULLY, I can leave the room! ;)

grandma reggie said...

What a great education!!!!!!!!

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