Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Wayne and Sherry with friends, Oxana, Valodya, Richard, Anya and Daniel
We had a lovely lunch at Valodyas home and several hours of fellowship with them.

Richard, Anya and baby ? in tummy. Please pray for Anya and her pregnancy, she almost lost this baby because of health problems.

Daniel and Vovcya waving hello to Nate

Orphan girls living at the Nehemiah Social Apartment with their "Mom".

These girls are 18 - 20 yrs old and live here for 2 yrs and learn social skills that will help them live in the world. They are taught hygiene, cooking, cleaning and other things that will help them in their future. One of the biggest things they teach them is how to dream about what they would like to do. In the orphanages for the most part the children have vision for only working in the sewing factory when they leave. But these girls are learning to dream of college, marriage, and careers. The little gal on the far left is a product of fetal alcohol syndrome and cannot work like the others. But her dream was to be a dishwasher so Tanya hired her to work at Nehemiah cafe and she now does a great job washing the hundreds of dishes each day. They are all so cute. Sherry spent a few hours with then this evening and has over 22 pictures of them in various poses. They did all their acrobatic tricks for her and wanted her to take pictures of them. I will try to post them next. Anyway, they were so friendly and wanted to teach her how to speak Ukranian so she had a crash course in that language. They interacted in a very lively way. Our church CCF Chardon helps support this ministry and we are proud to do so. Only heaven knows what an impact ministries such as this are having on the children. Most of them come to faith in Christ and then are integrated into local churches where they are nurtured and loved. Most have never had real family before or felt the love of a family. So it is wonderful to see the changes in them after a short while. We were told that when they arrive from the orphanages, they all dress and look like boys. Most don't smile, but after a short time in the home, with the love a parent, they blossom. Please pray for this work and for provision for them to expand. At the moment they can only house 4 girls but with hundreds of orphanages in the country, there is great need.
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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful people, in all ways! Certainly God has raised you up for such a time as this. Your whole life, in all ways, has been a preparation for what you are now doing over there. We are so blessed to be able to be a vicarious part of what you do. We love you! M.

Lisa said...

What an amazing story of these beautiful girls. It's wonderful to hear such a good report. I love all the pictures you post. It helps connect us to everyone you're ministering to.

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