Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unbelievable Poverty

That title is the only way to describe the place we visited today. The Gypsy camp we went to has about 170 people. Most of them are related and less than 20 percent attend church and walk with God. We will put the pictures on the blog when we return. Seeing is believing. Shacks and squallor and dirt and bugs and sewage and naked children and depression and joy on some faces are words to describe what we saw today. But inspite of all of that, the church was clean and filled with the people who love God. The worship was wonderful and Wayne preached a message titled they will know you by your love for one another. It was a timely message for this particular group according to the pastor. Please pray for these people who are in such desperate need. After the sermon several women came for prayer. They had serious health problems and have no money to see the doctor so they rely totally on God for healing. PTL that we know He heals. We had dinner with the pastor afterwards and he and his wife talked about the challenges they face in this community.
We got back to the center and finished our mini seminar with the 5 people who came on Friday. Today we talked about issues for singles since 3 of them are singles. We will meet with the one couple tomorrow who are married. So all in all it was a good day. We trust things at home were good and we know that Bill preached a good message since he always does. We are starting to count the days until we return home to our family and congregation. We would ask that you pray for us this week especially that we would be able to find time to spend with each family that wants to talk. We have several friends coming to talk with us on the off days so we will be very busy.
Blessings, Wayne and Sherry


CCF said...

Glad things are going well. Pastor Bill preached a wonderful, challenging sermon this morning. We are in good hands!

Lvoe you - Jen

Lisa said...

Church was great this morning. Bill preached a message from Eph 4 about the relationship the Trinity enjoys and the way we have been brought into the onness they share through Jesus. He also taught about the spiritual gifts we've been given which are for edifying and building up the church. Good message and he used his white board!!

Glad to hear from you. We're continuing to pray.

Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

It is good for us to hear about other believers, and what they are going through. Makes our petty issues seem REALLY puny when compared with their daily lives. We're praying that God will give you wings like eagles', and that every word you say will be productive for this life and for eternity. Love you. M.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blogs while you've been gone! Thanks for taking the time to post.


Anonymous said...

It is so hard to hear and see how people live day to day. It is ridiculous how we can take things like showers, floor, walls, and beds for granted-and not realize every day that they are gifts from god, when we should be thanking him...Your blogs touch me and I am so grateful for the time you take to share with all of us, as busy as the both of you are! Have a great weekend and a safe trip home..
C-ya soon

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