Friday, July 11, 2008

Our steps are ordered by the Lord...

Thursday turned out to be busy. We were able to rest most of the day and study and pray then our one evening apt. turned into 3 apts. and we did not finish until after 10.
Today was the last day of our seminar. Our interpreter came in late and was not feeling well, she stopped in the middle of the first session and said she was sick and had to leave, soooooooooooo we had to find the other interpreter, we ended up with Olya who did a great job but has never done it before. At the end of the time Tanya showed up and took over. Then in the middle of the next session the power went off. What a day huh? Life on the mission field is very unpredictable. But it all turned out well. Today we taught on actual steps to Resolve Conflict, Sex, Peace and Joy principle, Process of change and Biblical finances.
Oh and I forgot to add that 5 people showed up after a 30 hour trip here and did not realize they had come too late for the seminar, so Tanya asked us if we would do a mini seminar for them tomorrow and Sunday. We will start at 10 am. and then teach until around 3 and then meet again on Sunday afternoon when we get back from preaching at one of the gypsy churches. Please pray for us since we are very tired both emotionally and physically. But God is ordering our steps so we know He will give us the grace.
The next group of people will start arriving on Sunday and we will start the parenting seminar on Monday.


M said...

I appreciate the blog----it ALMOST feels like we are there with you! And I can look at the clock on the site and know you are (hopefully) sleeping soundly as I write this.......thank you for doing the "mini-seminar" even tho you were tired. How disappointing it would have been for those who came late, if you had given in to your weary flesh!! Your teachings are as precious as gold, or at least have always been so to me!!! Love you guys so much, and we're praying for you------PH and M.

Lisa said...

I can't believe the kind of schedule you're keeping. Sounds draining to say the least. My love and prayers are with you both. I know God's grace will carry you through.

Love, Lisa

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