Friday, July 18, 2008


That is the word we would use to describe the end of our mission trip. The last day is always mixed with different feelings. The people become family during the week so saying goodbye is hard. But we took pictures and prayed for each of them and many of them wanted to email us so we have those addresses to add to our collection. The teaching today was good. We dealt with teen rebellion and how to begin the healing process. Many of the kids here rebel and go into the world big time because of all the legalism in the churches. But God dealt with hearts and many of the parents were repenting for the way they have "ruled" their kids instead of loving them and training them so the day was good. After the seminar we had 3 different couples who wanted counsel so we met with them and are finally done. We will go to dinner and fellowship with our friends Vasiko and Tanya and then come home and pack. We will be able to rest tomorrow so we will be ready to start the trip home with rest.
Please pray for us as we leave that the fruit will be lasting and that lives will be changed and that those who attended the seminar will spread the truth to their villages and cities and God will be honored. We would also appreciate pray that our trip home will be good. Leg room and flights on time would be good. Thank you to each one of you for supporting us through prayer this time. We felt it daily and stayed in perfect health the whole trip.
Love you all, Wayne and Sherry


Anonymous said...

Happy Day!
Sorry to know that the mission trip has come to its end but not sorry to hear your coming back home to CCF. Thought you might like to know also that Pastor Bill has done an awesome job in your absence. You left CCF in good hands.
Love Regina and Todd

Lisa said...

So glad you're returning home. Your flock has missed you.

We're praying for a good flight: lots of leg room for Pastor and flights to run smoothly.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to be able to travel, and to keep in touch via email and such technology! I know they will miss you, but will be able to keep communicating with you. You are such a blessing to so MANY people, in MANY places! Love you------M.

Anonymous said...

We are glad to hear you are comming home. We have enjoyed pastor bill, but it will be nice to have you back!! Hope everything goes well and be safe!
c-ya soon...

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