Saturday, July 5, 2008

A country of contrasts

Romania is a country of contrasts. You can be riding down the road and pass lots of new modern buildings and then right in the middle of one is a shack or a family riding in a wagon with a donkey pulling the cart with cars passing them by. Needless to say the country is in major transition with becoming part of the Europeon Union. The economy is going crazy and the people are really struggling to make ends meet. Costs are soaring but pay stays the same. Pray for these people. While the country is in transition, so is the church. The Hope of Life church where we have been ministering was founded with young people under the age of 18. The growth a few years ago was amazing as over a 100 young people came to Christ. Now those same young people are getting married and having babies which is changing the church in many ways. Our main mission this past week has been to help Pastor Mihai and Eliza plan for these changes and train them to counsel etc. It has been a rich week of fellowship with them and the other friends we have made here. Gaby and Adina were a delight to be with also. They are working with the new teens coming to Christ. We have been asked to come back again in the spring to do more training in counseling so that they can help the couples have strong marriages. Thank you all for praying for us.
We arrived in Uzghorod today after sitting at the Slovakian border for over an hour. We will begin our marriage seminar in on Monday. We need a bit of a rest right now since we have worked non stop since leaving home. Soooooooooooo tomorrow which is Waynes 61st birthday, we will rest and start our prep for monday. We will try to update every few days at least so please keep checking back for new posts.


Bridge Builders said...

Glad things are going well. We miss you!

Love - J

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Pastor Wayne.... i will pray a special prayer for you....

love, jude

Lisa said...

So glad to hear how things are going. We're praying!

Love, Andre, Lisa, Ashley and Andrew

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